Should You Be Required By Law To Take Your Husband’s Last Name?

By Mona Lisa Macalino

As an engaged woman, I was both surprised and appalled when I read an article on The Stir stating that 50% of Americans believe it should be legally required for a woman to take her husband’s last name. My first thought was: Who took this survey anyway, a bunch of people from Middle-of-Nowhere America (no offense, really) who’ve been completely cut off from the modern world? I mean, hello, this is the 21st century! What happened to women’s equality?

This opinion is surely rooted in tradition, just another way for the U.S. to use laws to protect what’s “right” or “normal.” Not taking your husband’s last name is widely considered taboo, like when children call their moms by their first names instead of “mom” (which I admittedly think is weird and a tad inappropriate, but nothing to make a law about).  CLICK HERE to read more.

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  2. K-L
    K-L says:

    K.O. Everyone woman I know that has gotten divorced, has changed her name when she got married. I suppose I could also conclude that it may be linked to something bigger. Or maybe just the reality that most marriages end in divorce.

    I never changed my last name, and probably never will. I am not making a personal statement with my choice. Although, many people assume that my decision is based on a feminist ideology or personal agenda. Sorry to disappoint folks, but it is not. I just don't know why I have to change my name. And who cares if half of the country thinks that women should change their name upon marriage, its an absurd concept, that is totally unconstitutional. It will never be a law.

  3. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    Although I don't think that it should be a law to take your husband's last name, my personal feeling is that you should take your husband's last name. Every woman that I've ever known that kept her last name when she got married, also ended up divorced. Not saying that that was the cause, I just think it's interesting, and maybe linked to something bigger. Just my opinion 🙂

  4. Raynette
    Raynette says:

    The people who feel like it should be mandated by law are a bunch of Dorks!

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