Shout Out To Montsho And Nwasha…The Founders Of Akoma Day

What’s up Fam,

We wanted to send a special shout out to our friends and our fam…Montsho and Nwasha Edu (Founder’s of Akoma Day).  Every time we connect with them it’s filled with good energy and divine intention.  These are our peeps and we’re sending them our love and blessings during this Akoma Day Celebration.Unknown-2

Akoma Day is a non-denominational, culturally based holiday that will enhance spiritual insight and provide a culturally correct context for us to celebrate love. This 7- day holiday is celebrated from February 14 to 20. Akoma Day includes seven virtues and seven principles, and symbolism that reflect the service and rewards that are the foundations of “Building up Love” (the antithesis to falling in love).

The holiday is based on the Sacred Science of Soul Mating that can be applied to the intimate, family, and even professional relationships of people, and the corrective education About the Akoma symbol (an (An Adinkra symbol, from Ghana, West Africa) that is misunderstood as the Valentine’s Day heart.  These and other culturally correct themes and customs are a part of Akoma Day; our day, celebrated our way, for our love. CLICK HERE to learn more.


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