Success Is Possible With Imani

By Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at

As we conclude this 2013 Kwanzaa let us begin by saying…….Habari Gani ( What’s the news)?  The response for today is Imani (Faith) – To believe with all our hearts in our parents, our teachers, our leaders, people and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

As we begin a new year it’s imperative that we have faith that whatever we set out to do, be, or accomplish…..CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED.  Your belief fuels you….your faith drives you…even when you can’t see the outcome.  There’s an inner knowing that your blessing is right around the corner waiting for you.  Just keep moving …and go get it.

2 affirmations that we use in our home that help strengthen our faith are:

– God is in me, with me, through me, and for me….and wherever God is there can be no imperfection.

– Success, Health, Wealth, and Prosperity are mine…through the omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of God I receive ____________

Try these affirmations on a daily basis and watch a shift begin to occur in your life.

Thank you for journeying with us during this 2013 Kwanzaa.

Until next time…..HABARI GANI!!!!!!!! and HARAMBEE (Let’s pull together)

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  1. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    2013 was a rough year for me. You reminded me that I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME.

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