Taylor Fikes Is Making Her Dream Of Becoming A Professional Ballet Dancer A Reality

By Team BLAM

Ever had a dream? Hopefully, you still do. We all (should) have dreams that inspire, excite, and empower us. 17 year old high school senior Taylor Fikes has a dream.

She is an accomplished ballerina who has just been invited to attend The Bolshoi Academy of Ballet in Moscow, Russia. Bolshoi is one of the oldest and most established schools for classical ballet in the world.

She must raise $18,500 by the end of October. Her mother has created an online fundraising campaign. There are more details about Taylor and her goal and accomplishments on this site. Check out the video below that talks briefly about the The Bolshoi Academy of Ballet in Moscow, Russia and the intense training that Americans undergo when given the awesome opportunity to study with some of the great teachers of ballet.

And, don’t forget to visit Taylor’s Fundraising Site. African Americans don’t always have long lines of wealth to precede us but we do have community. The community truly can make a difference.

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  1. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    I'm so proud of this young lady! God bless her and her mother. I am unable to contribute financially, as I have a teenager in my home pursuing a very expensive dream, also.

    My prayers for this ballerina are that the sun be on her face, and the wind at her back. May her feet have wings, as they move to dance! God bless and keep her. I pray scholarship assistance and an overflowing cup, for her gifts shall make room for her!

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