The Forgotten Art Of Kissing

By Brett Smith

Do you remember your first kiss with your sweetheart?  Was it exciting or were you anxiously anticipating it’s ending?  Regardless of what those initial emotions were…..I’m certain over the course of your relationship you experienced moments where you wished the lip locking lasted “almost” forever.  It’s important that in our relationships we cherish those moments and be intentional about making them more frequent instead of accidentally becoming few and far between.  Check out the passionate piece below by Brett Smith and let it serve as a reminder that kissing is key to a healthy relationship.

Sleeping Beauty knew the power of a kiss. Fated to sleep for a hundred years, she was awakened from her trance by her Prince’s lips, and everyone lived happily ever after. Kissing, snogging, smooching, is an integral part of fairytale mythology, romantic novels and famous films. However, in Western sex-obsessed society, kissing is overlooked as an end in itself. Be honest. When did you last enjoy a really passionate pash?

“Many people, particularly if they’re in a long-term relationship, often skip the kissing stage when they begin to make love,” says Susan Quilliam, author of Women On Sex. “But it’s such a shame—kissing is one of the sexiest, most exciting and intimate things a couple can do.”The deep tongue kiss can be a second penetration, while a light kiss or a brush with your lip across a partner’s neck, shoulders or back can spark a rush of erotic reactions through their body. That’s the beauty of kissing. It works in all sorts of places.

As Alex Comfort, in The Joy of Sex, writes: “If you haven’t at least kissed her mouth, shoulders, neck, breasts, armpits, fingers, palms, toes…you haven’t really kissed her.”  The way we kiss – like the way we make love – can, over time, become habitual. And with habit, our sensations gradually shut down. So the answer is to shake things up a bit.

“Be inventive,” Olivia St. Claire urges in 203 Ways to Drive a Man in Bed. “Use your lips, your tongue, your teeth. Press hard. Brush softly. Suck, lick, and bite. Linger lovingly, press passionately. And respond sensitively to his lip manoeuvres. This is not a solo tune but a lovely, harmonious duet.”  When we kiss a lover for the first time our knees go weak and wobbly. It’s a wonderful feeling and it’s worth repeating. So rediscover the kiss, and explore the erotic potential of your lips.

Brett Smith is not your average health and online datingexpert. He has some interesting and controversial views on health and how singles can get through the dating scene successfully published on

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  1. Holly
    Holly says:

    I'm gonna get me some kisses tonight

  2. Tabogge
    Tabogge says:

    A kiss allow you to taste the liquid spirit of the one you love.

  3. @bagladies
    @bagladies says:

    Kissing sets the tone, establishes intimacy and makes you fiend for more. Great post regarding a necessary act so often overlooked. Many think the older you get the less you should kiss particularly w/ tongue. Kissing NEVER goes out of style and never gets old.

  4. Symphony
    Symphony says:

    The circular square. Eyes closed. Hands holding my spirit. Slight grazing of lips. Breath. BEAUTIFUL.

  5. Francis
    Francis says:

    My first kiss left a lot to be desired. I worked with my wife and over time she's learned to give me the kiss and everything else just like I like it. A lot of people miss the point that you've got to ask for what you want. Otherwise how will they know what to give you and how to give it to you.

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