11 ‘Mundane’ Things Men Do That Turn Women On

By Sasha Brown-Worsham

If you believe romance novels, the only things that turn women on are long walks, moonlit meals, and sex by candlelight(Enya for the win!). In fact, women are so much more complicated than that.

A man may get turned on by the mere sight of his nude wife. Porn gets his engine revved in a hurry and, though many men also have unique turn-ons, we women tend to get fluffed about things that may SEEM mundane to the average eye.

If you have ever seen a joke book on “porn for women” that includes men in aprons cooking dinner, then you know what I mean. We ladies have a host of seemingly mundane turn-ons that really get us going. In that spirit, here is a list of 11 mundane things that men do to drive us wild:

  • Wash the dishes: This may be the ultimate female cliche, but it’s so true. When your man gets sudsy and does it without being asked, it does put a lady in the mood.
  • Take a work call: There is something about hearing my man talk all authoritatively that really does it for me. Maybe it’s because I rarely get to hear him talk that way, but I could listen to him take a conference call all day long.
  • Work out: There is something about him taking the time to care for his body that is just hot. Even more hot, though, is how he looks when he comes back all sweaty and manly. Sometimes my husband and I work out together and it always makes me want to pull him into the bathroom and kiss him.
  • Cook dinner or bake: There is something about a man who appreciates good food and who can make it as well. My husband and I always make our kids’ birthday cakes and watching him carefully ice and decorate them fills my heart (and other parts as well)
  • Drink whiskey straight-up: This is just MANLY. It’s beyond sexy. I like a man who can fix things or drink hard liquor or take a punch. It’s just that raw masculinity.
  • Drive standard: Much like whiskey, driving standard is kind of a man thing. If he can do that, what can he do to me?

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