The Power Of Having A Family “Wish List”

By Aiyana Ma’at

When we think about “wishes” we perhaps think about wishing upon a star or making a wish on our birthday….you know the cute little wishes we made when we were little.  But, what about our “grown-up” wishes? What about the visions, dreams, goals we have for ourselves, our partners, and our children?

Question: Do you talk about your goals with your spouse? Do you talk about what you most want to achieve with your children? Somebody, somewhere once said….. “YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SPEAK YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY”.  Dreams can be enslaving or they can be empowering. When you first take the time to write down what you wish for individually and then what you wish for your family; you are literally shifting the atmosphere all around you and yours. Yup, YOU are that powerful.

So, if you haven’t written down your goals, dreams, and aspirations and haven’t shared it with your family. Do it. If you can’t speak with clarity and confidence about what your family’s wishes are, then ask.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • I want to return to school to get more skills for a new job and more money.
  • I want my family to own our own home.
  • I want to move to a new location for the opportunity to grow and reach beyond what I imagined I could do.
  • I want to conquer personal and health challenges.
  • I want to help others grow.
  • I want to adopt a child.
  • I want to create my own company.
  • I want to learn new technology so I have new tools for producing my art.
  • I want to add on to the house so the kids can have their own playroom.
  • I want my entire family to take a financial management course so that we can save more than we spend and begin to invest.
  • I want to eventually quit my job and begin focusing on my true purpose.

These are just some examples of wishes that can transform your entire life if you would just dare WRITE THEM DOWN, SAY THEM OUT LOUD TO YOUR FAMILY, and KEEP THEM SOME WHERE VISIBLE FOR ALL OF YOU TO SEE.


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