VIDEO: This is gooood. Actresses Viola Davis And Octavia Spencer Debate With Tavis Smiley Over The Black Maid Stereotype And “The Help” Movie

Watch Actresses Viola Davis & Octavia Spencer on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

By Team BLAM

Oscar-nominated actresses Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer passionately debate about their roles in the movie “The Help”. Tavis Smiley gave them much respect for their performances but said he and many others are ambivalent about their roles in the film.

 Viola Davis just kept it 100 and said Smiley’s attitude is destroying black art. I was like Wowww. But, seriously they have a very thought provoking deep debate on this issue. Viola Davis is quite the intellectual. I had no idea. So, let me know what your thoughts are… listen in.


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  1. Tonya Williams
    Tonya Williams says:

    Viola Davis makes me proud to be a strong African American women. She is so very well spoken…

  2. LeDo
    LeDo says:

    I feel like an artist doing great work should be commended. I also feel that an artist should have the freedom to express themselves through doing work that they feel is best for them. In saying this, what if Blacks would say no to playing these roles (collectively)? Allow us to tell the stories that we deem most appropriate. Will we get the same backing, support, and nominations? Why continue to eat off the white man's plate? How progressive is it? I say that in earnest desire for the truth (answer). I believe there are always pros and cons.

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