Trials Prepare Our Minds For The Victories Still To Come

By Lana Moline

Even in the midst of our perfectly laid plans, we can get knocked down and meet despair face to face. In fact, that’s probably when it feels the worst. You see during this time, our mind pays less attention to the possibility of anything going wrong because its focus is winning. So when life gut punches us, it really, really hurts. So how do we bounce back after we’ve gone all in, cashed in all our chips and found ourselves on the same road we vowed never to land again? Here’s the answer: with style, grace and dignity!

The truth is, no one sets out to fail, come up short or suck at anything, but it happens. Everyday we wake up to our theme song with the freshest frocks and put our game face on. We embrace the rhythm of our life and after a while, we master our flow. We make partner at the firm, get that award for top sales or sign the biggest client of our careers and then suddenly something happens in the blink of an eye that changes things. It goes sort of like this: you are out with your girls toasting the big promotion and then your phone rings and with that phone call your entire life changes. Now that’s the space that I’m reaching for. It’s the one that exists after the call comes and before you dust yourself off.

I’ve known people who seem to exist indefinitely in that space and what I’ve noticed is that each time he or she has emerged from this place, they were better, stronger and wiser. Sure there were tears and pain but then there was rebirth. You ever watch a cut heal itself? It happens on its own after the bandage, the bleeding and itching. It’s like it exhausts the energy to fight the process and just gives in and then soon it disappears.

The trials in our lives are the same way. In the big picture they exist to prepare our clever minds for the victories that are still to come and the memory of the cut becomes a timepiece for growth.

Lana Moline is a freelance writer and poet who lives in Ft. Worth with her three kids and husband Emile. Married 11 years, both media professionals have vowed to maintain integrity in all aspects of print and broadcast journalism.Visit her at

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  1. jocelyn verna
    jocelyn verna says:

    and this is what I do when I was laid off from work because of intrigues. I sulk in desperation only for 1 month and again strive hard to get up. Now I am enjoying my life and my work very much.

    • Lana Moline
      Lana Moline says:

      I share all the time – take a minute to vent, scream and sulk if you need to and then get back up. We are human! I am glad you are enjoying life! Thanks for reading.
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  2. Emile
    Emile says:

    Today, I can say that I am fortunate to know that space between the phone call and dusting myself off. I didn't always have an appreciation for it, but I do now! That "gut punch" never feels good. Then I must take time to re-evaluate and regain my composure, then decide what will happen next. It may take a moment, days, months or years to truly/honestly/sincerely/truthfully move beyond that in-between place. But after each encounter, strength is gained and refinement has taken place. I'm still here. I'm forging ahead and determined not to be hindered by "gut punches" of life. I will use them as platforms to propel to a higher plateau. I will keep it in proper perspective because "The Rebirth Awaits."
    Thanks for sharing and continue to inspire through your gift of words.

  3. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    This article really spoke to me. I am a 33 year old woman living in London, England who knows all too well about the space “that exists after the call comes and before you dust yourself off”. My long distance fiancé from Dallas recently called off our engagement and the whole relationship- after all the adjustments and plans to up and move across the pond had been made and set in motion. I’ve also had some serious health issues which required surgery that has affected my ability to have children naturally.
    I’m getting up and starting to dust myself off slowly but surely. The tears are drying up and the smiles are shining through. I WILL be ready for my victories when they come!!!

  4. Amber
    Amber says:

    Thank you sista for this inspirational word. My cuts are healing and I'm preparing myself for new birth.

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