VIDEO: Steve Harvey Shares The Best Way To Get Your Man To Go To The Doctor.

By Team BLAM

In this behind the scenes interview of Steve Harvey on the Dr. Oz show, Steve talks about how to motivate your man to take care of himself and what his wife does with him. It’s sooo simple ya’ll. We, wives, have more tools than we realize. In fact, his advice can be transferred to a lot of areas in our relationships when we want our spouse to be more open, willing, or cooperative. Check it out and leave a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. Sinclair
    Sinclair says:

    Steve Harvey is cool but sometimes I feel like he says the obvious and stays so surface. He doesn't really break things down for us. But, then again I guess that's why he's not a trained expert. He's just giving his opinion…i.e., common sense.

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