VIDEO: Connecting Through Communication Can Be Fabulous Foreplay

By Team BLAM

We can’t say it enough. It is more than important to make and take time to connect in with your spouse. You simply have to. There’s nothing like feeling totally connected and plugged into my husband. He gives me more that I could ever articulate and for that I am forever grateful. Intentionally connecting has dissolved at least 25% to 35% of problems I thought I had. When I say dissolved—I mean the issue evaporated. A lot of times I couldn’t even (no matter how hard I tried) even remember what I was upset about which usually means the issue wasn’t half as serious as I thought it was. I will admit my bruised ego and hurt feelings can get the best of me at times.

So, what’s the lesson BLAM fam? CONNECT! CONNECT! CONNECT! It will save you a whole lot of drama and may lead to some good loving too. (check out our kiss at 3:58–where do you think that led??) Lol.

Stop Playing. Start Pushing.

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  1. Lachelle Daniel
    Lachelle Daniel says:

    Where do I begin? On behalf of my husband and I, thank you for your effort in providing more then just a picture of what positive black love looks like. Its obvious that you and your hubby love each other with a flaming passion, and it feels great to see that. Especially for my husband and I whom have often felt like we were the last of what seemed like a dying breed. We love each other with this same selfless quality so deep and real. God Bless you two for all your doing.

  2. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    God bless you for your work on behalf of the black community. What you're doing is tearing down strongholds in the area of marriage and family. My family and I thank you!

  3. Lela R.
    Lela R. says:

    I just absolutely love you two!!!

  4. Lana Moline
    Lana Moline says:

    Wonderful video. We live moment by moment and each one is very important. Yall are too cute!

  5. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    The key to the happiness that we see between you two is appreciation. Any couple that wants this kind of passion, happiness, and power of love needs to just start with appreciating every little thing about their partner and every little moment of time spent together. Keep keeping on you two 🙂
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  6. electer98
    electer98 says:

    great video,

  7. thedawnmirage
    thedawnmirage says:

    lol wow…one powerful kiss!?

  8. Chass
    Chass says:

    We def? tryna get on the level you guys are on! Very motivating. I appreciate all that you guys do!

  9. Shayxoxos
    Shayxoxos says:

    OK….ya'll killin' me!! Ya'll need to BOTTLE UP whatever power/love/energy ya'll got goin' on over there and SELL IT! I WANT? A CASE OF IT!! Keep up the most beautiful work…

  10. Plunsabug37
    Plunsabug37 says:

    you all are so passionate. I do not know you yet i want you to succeed so much. I know no other? couple that is young and mindful about loving like you too. God Bless

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