10 Ways Your Anger Hides….Even From You.

By Richard Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC & C.R. Zwolinski

Anger’s ubiquitousness makes it almost banal. The disguises it wears, though, can be surprisingly colorful.

Others sense, sometimes easily, that anger lurks, but the mask-wearer often has a hard time understanding that what he or she is feeling is anger.

Here are the top ten ways anger expresses itself when it is pretending to be something else—or is otherwise in hiding:

1. Snobbishness, Snootiness Think professional critics, pundits, and all-around put-downers in the arts, politics, and other realms who have made a career out of anger.

2. Sarcasm See above, plus some comics/comedians.

3. Frustration Lucy vs. Charlie Brown and the football.

4. Resentment Can take a variety of forms, from dirty looks to all-out vengeance.

5. Self-pity Woe is me. Everyone takes advantage of me. Why would so and so do xyz to poor little me? Why does nothing ever go right?

6. Depression and Sadness No, not all depression has roots in anger. But some does. Sadness can be sparked into life by existential anger at one’s situation.

7. Impatience Hurry up! You’re taking too long. I’m going to have to cut in line. Honk my horn. Push you out of my way. I’m really, really busy. I’m busier and more important than…

8. Arrogance and Entitlement Arrogance and Entitlement can take snobby, snooty forms, they can be sarcastic, and they are often impatient, but they are something more.

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