8 Questions To Help You Better Value And Appreciate Your Relationship

By Dr. Alice Boyes

1. What ways of doing things do you insist on that someone else might find very difficult, but your partner is tolerant and supportive of?

For example, you’re very frugal. Some people find it irritating, but your partner is loving and accepting about it.

2. What quirky interests or hobbies do you have that your partner is supportive of when other people might scoff or make fun of you?

For example, something you collect, a sport you’re really into, or a reading preference (e.g., you’re really into Vampire books).

3. What little ways do you and your partner show each other that you’re thinking about each other when you’re not together?

For example, when you see each other at the end of the day, you inquire about something you knew was happening during your partner’s day.

4. What does your partner do that helps you know you’re a good person with good ideas?

For example, your partner asks your advice or lets you make some decisions that affect both of you.

5. What special language do you have between the two of you?

For example, playful nicknames or ways you sign your notes/emails.

6. What do you do that’s guaranteed to make your partner smile?

For example, a silly little booty shaking dance you do.

7. What tiny gestures do you do that communicate caring? What do you do that’s unique to your relationship?

For example, if your partner is getting out of the shower, you’ll grab their towel and wrap them in it on a cold day.

8. When you are going to be travelling separately, what little rituals do you have that give you a sense of closeness and security.

For example, you txt as soon as you’ve made it to your destination.


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  1. Tyson
    Tyson says:

    You are absolutely right…these questions do remind you that underneath all of the drama there is a gem.

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