Are You Still Friends With Your Spouse?

VIDEO: Is your spouse your friend? If so…when was the last time yall had a conversation like friends? Friendship should be the foundation of your relationship. Friendship is what sustains and supports your love. If that type of connection is loss in your communication please B Intentional about getting it back. Your friendship will GET YOU THROUGH when you feel like your relationship is almost through.


*Republished due to several questions we’ve received lately that require this answer! 😉

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  1. @cprice8566
    @cprice8566 says:

    I love you guys.. I told my hubby today, I wish we had couple friends. He says, yea me 2. Can't tho cuz nobody else gets along like me n u . We are besties!

    • Smoov
      Smoov says:

      isn't that always the problem with couples that are truly "tight" with each other? it's sometimes hard to look past issues your friends (couples) have & then it's easy to form a social-wall that basically keeps you & your spouse from really being closer friends with other couples. Your friends may argue a lot & that make you uneasy, but then they are fun to hang out with after their squabbles have subsided. It's kind of a give-and-take just like any other relationship (and even with family too). As a mature couple, you really have to look past a lot of the BS & accept people who welcome & appreciate your company no matter the level or quantity of get-togethers you have.

  2. pharaoh dojah
    pharaoh dojah says:


  3. Ruby Griffin
    Ruby Griffin says:

    The questional is…was y'all bed partner,before y'all really got to know each other?,if so it's going to so hard to get that level of being friend…Stay out of between the sheet,and cuddle,and just talk,get to know who you loving all over again…

  4. Raynette
    Raynette says:

    Yall look alike and yall both got on orange shirts LOL Yall must be bestfriends

  5. loveedigveggies1004
    loveedigveggies1004 says:

    I love you guys you give such? great advice.

  6. Jay
    Jay says:

    This is so true. The mundane things can really take a toll on your friendship and relationship. Keeping a sense of humor is key to getting through the mundane.

  7. MsPausha
    MsPausha says:


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