And You Say He's Just A Friend

VIDEO: What should happen to friends of the opposite sex once you are married? What about new friends of the opposite sex that you’ve met more recently? Should you even have them at all? This is an age old issue that garners varying perspectives. At the end of the day it comes down to trust, respect, and…yup transparency!  Listen in as the The Ma’at’s share what works for them.

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  1. Leslie Wright
    Leslie Wright says:

    All I’m going to say is “If this person is a friend of yours, then they must be a friend of your spouse!’


    • A. B.
      A. B. says:

      I have to agree with Leslie's comment. If someone has an issue with befriending my spouse as well, then guess what? We need not be friends.

  2. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    First of all,Do not start any relationship,or marriage off with a lie…built your foundation,from the ground up,in the concrete of trust…If you have a friend of the opposite sex,while dating your soul-mate,introduce them,soul-mates this is my friend etc,right then,you have bond,and creative a strong relationship between you’ll together, you maynot known what you just done,but to him you have given him the lead-way,in believing in you…continue beening his friend,after marriage,just involved your mates in any activities,please no secret…It not nothing wrong,with having a friend of the opposite sex,before marriage,in marriage or after,because in this big maze of a world,you can’t do it alone,you going to need somebody,and somebody going to need you,if it just for someone, to lean you they ears…but you must be careful,whom you choose to be your friend,everyone that claim to be your friend is not…Listen,and communicate,to each other,that is the key,to keeping building,on a strong marriage…

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