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Have an issue and need some advice?

The “Love and Life” Advice Column is your opportunity to ask The Ma’at’s for a solution to your problem. Whether it’s family, relationship, or career issues—they have the answers. This is the place where we provide perspective and insight to the questions you need answered most! New questions/issues are added daily.

What You Should Know:

1. No questions or topics are off limits.

2. All identities will be kept strictly confidential. In fact, there is no need to include any identifying info at all. Just leave that part of the form blank if you’d like or make up a fun name.

3. You can expect honesty and integrity in our answers.

4.   We  have educated, experienced and well-informed perspectives to draw from.

So, do something different, take a risk and ask that question!!! New questions/issues are added daily.

Submit your question to askus@bintentional.com or submit your question confidentially below.


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  1. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    This is Ruby Griffin again,I have a play here sitting on my desk,and don’t have a clue of ,how to get it out there,the title of the play is ”How far will a women go for her men”it’s about a mother,struggling to hold on to her men,and keeping the love together,with her children’s,it’s a really good play…I just need a little info,of how to get the ball rolling….

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