[Ask The Ma’at’s] I Cheated. I Apologized. Then My Woman Made A Sex Tape With Another Man

Viewer Question/Video: When cheating occurs in a relationship, is the intention for men different from women?

I cheated on my girlfriend of five years, because of poor communication within our relationship. It was one time, but it had potential lastly affects, because this woman could have been pregnant. I tried to cover it up, until girl came knocking on my door. I had to tell my girlfriend the truth about the situation, which I did. I understand the pain and impact it had on my relationship. She took me back, which I was very grateful. From that day forward, I was focused preparing to marry my girlfriend. We went ring shopping. She knew my attentions about our relationship. She still had pain about my infidelity, but never communicated anything to me. She ended up cheating on my with another man for about year, plus they ended up having a sex tape that sending on multiple porn websites. What hurts me the most about the sex tape is words about how great his is to her. I am still in the relationship with because I love her. I figured if I was married with her and this happened, I will need to deal with this situation. I love her so much, but I feel that her cheating had greater impact in our relationship, but she feel cheating is cheating. Can cheating be weighted more than another?

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  1. LMAO
    LMAO says:

    she probably did stuff with him that she didn't do with you if she's making tapes. bounce. plenty of other women out there.

  2. Dale
    Dale says:

    It seems you are attempting to take the responsibility of her actions on your shoulders. You admitted to your indiscretion and poor judgment and she "SAID" she forgave you, but in reality she did not. She is now in a lifestyle of revenge and total disrespect for you, and by her actions has disregarded your apology. Move on and don't waste your time. If you think marrying her will solve the problem…think again. Marriage will only make the situation worse and you will find yourself stuck. Don't lose respect for yourself while you still have a chance. It is better to hurt over losing your love for her than to be emasculated and feel put out later.

  3. Butterfly1080
    Butterfly1080 says:

    I was married for 7 years and endured physical and mental abuse. In addition I found out my now ex-husband had been cheating with multiple women throughout that time.I told him I wanted a divorce and I supported his decision to see other people. I left in 2010, filed for divorce in 2011, and it was finalized in 2011. Why has he continued to contact me? Why wont he move on? I have expressed NO interest in reconciliation.

  4. Alan
    Alan says:

    She went out and had a relationship for a year. He had a fling. She made a sex tape. It is all over the web. She did it to get back at you. To hurt and check mate you. It is over. It could end today it could end five years from now in divorce. It is over. End it now with some dignity.

  5. Norwood
    Norwood says:


  6. Azu
    Azu says:

    I've seen & experience this before. my best advise to this brother would be for him & his spouse to be call it quits while both are ahead. for if they don't? both of them will be forever cheating on each other as payback for the level of hurt both caused one another. it will turn into a never ending cycle of pain & distrust…

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