Put Your Mom Out…Or I’m Leaving!

VIDEO: What do you do if you are in a space in your relationship where you’ve developed what we call the silent killer: Resentment? Resentment is anger and bitterness rolled up into one and it is deadly when it’s not addressed.

Here we answer the question of a woman who is frustrated with her boyfriend and their living situation because he has allowed his mom to move into their home. His mom has been disrespectful to her in the past and as of late she is failing to clean behind herself. She no longer feels comfortable in her own home. In this show we help her to walk through her scenario with the intent of bringing her closer to peace of mind.



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6 replies
  1. moasougoso
    moasougoso says:

    very nice )

  2. deatha44
    deatha44 says:

    That man has no commitments to this young lady simply because she is NOT his wife. His mother obviously is sick& AS A MAN, he is looking out for his sickly mother, its natural for him to assume responsibility for his mother, but beyond that point he, in reality, has no obligations. Aside from that it is a bit much for her to ask so much from a man who is NOT her husband. Maybe she should go back to Moms house or get her own place.

  3. Megamalik
    Megamalik says:

    Hotep brother and sister, always good to hear your videos….
    Ok i can see where the young sister is coming from, and of course she and the brother need to have their space to be able to progress in the right way
    I think the sister and the brother need to sit down with his mother, and speak it out, and set rules or another way for all of them to work through this, but they gotta talk all of em together,so that everybody can lay the issue down and hear each other out, and compromise

  4. The1Ms.HBIC
    The1Ms.HBIC says:

    I don't think the young lady in the relationship should leave without trying to resolve the issue first. I believe that her boyfriend needs to "Man Up" and check his mom, respectfully of course. Hopefully, he lives with this woman with the intentions of marrying her. Therefore, this a serious problem that should be nipped in the bud early on. He should have never allowed his mother to disrespect his girlfriend. Second, he's a grown man, if not it's time to grow up and tell Momma to clean up after herself. No one should ever feel uncomfortable in their own home. If the boyfriend doesn't stand up to his Mom, the girlfriend has to. Again, she has to be respectful when speaking to the mother about these issues. If Momma can't respect her after that, then Momma has to leave and the boyfriend has to stand behind his girlfriend and back her up. If he doesn't then she should attempt to get help from Marriage Counseling and/or Classes. Now, if that doesn't help, then I agree with Flychic…you may have to leave.

  5. Montae
    Montae says:

    What are the rules in his house? He needs to have some rules and lay down the law. It sounds like his mom is "the head of the household" because she's influencing the direction of your relationship and the atmosphere in your home.

  6. Flychic
    Flychic says:

    I think she should leave. They are not married and what's going on right now is a precursor of the drama to come.

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