Week Of Give Aways # 1: Enter For Free Dinner For 2 And A Movie!





We’re celebrating our 100th Video with an entire week of give aways and today marks Give Away # 1! We are giving away a perfect date night: Dinner for two– A $75 gift certificate for dinner at thousand’s of eligible restaurants across the country from Restaurant.com and 2 movie tickets to see the movie of your choice at hundreds of eligible theaters across the country from Fandango.com.

Go ahead and Enter! Leave a comment below & don’t forget to leave your email address in the email field so we can enter you and contact you if you’re the winner. The winner will be selected randomly. It won’t cost you a thing. This is our way of saying thank you for helping www.Blackloveandmarriage.com become it all it has (and all it is yet to be!) The winner will be announced next Monday, Oct. 11th. 🙂 Happy Monday! See you back tomorrow for Give Away #2!

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  1. Lawrence Ferguson
    Lawrence Ferguson says:

    Awesome site! Keep up the good work!

  2. Tonya
    Tonya says:

    Enjoying the posts. Thanks!

  3. Lisa & Dave
    Lisa & Dave says:

    Congrats!!! on 100. We look forward to 100 more. Your daily advice email is the only thing that we read together. I thank you guys for bringing us closer together.

  4. michele oliver
    michele oliver says:

    I'm really excited about this, we will be celebrating 15 years of marriage next month!

  5. Rose
    Rose says:

    Date nights are fun, brings back that special feeling of getting all dolled up for that special someone!

  6. Kiesha
    Kiesha says:

    I love the site, it's really nice to have found a site thats real!!!

  7. Radiah
    Radiah says:

    Does this mean we are too late? 🙂 Love you guys and we are so proud and happy that you two are living your calling!

  8. Shawntay
    Shawntay says:

    Date night is a wonderful way to get back to us because its not easy to do that with 5 kids homework fulltime jobs and everything else the world is throwing at us right now.

  9. Grace Caballero
    Grace Caballero says:

    Glad to have found this site, lots of helpful information for all the couples out there!!


  10. Mr. Incredible
    Mr. Incredible says:

    I really am happy you are doing what you all do, I love the chemistry you two share amd the transparency. Whatever you do dont stop being real.

  11. Jad A
    Jad A says:

    Date nights are a great way to keep acquainted.

  12. Angelica Ajibola
    Angelica Ajibola says:

    I love this idea!! My husband and I have been married for 2 1/2 years and we make it a point to have date night @ least twice a month… I love our times together 🙂

  13. crystal weldon
    crystal weldon says:

    I reAlly enjoy your website. My husband and I have been married for bout 6 months now, and your website is so helpful and has a lot of information that has already made our marriage strongeR. I love. Your site lots of good infO. God is good!!!

  14. Anthony Garrett
    Anthony Garrett says:

    Nice site

  15. Angela
    Angela says:

    I think date night is a great way for couples to reconnect to what they really enjoy about the other!

  16. Ron & Nichola
    Ron & Nichola says:

    Your site is great. You are both doing an awesome service for our community. It would be great to win this prize. Our 15th anniversary is this week and this would be an added bonus to what we already have planned.

  17. Sheryl White
    Sheryl White says:

    Loving this site, I appreciate my FB friends for including me when they post links. There is information out there that I was unaware of, and it’s just for ‘us’. THANK YOU!!

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