What’s A Sex Starved Newlywed Wife To Do?

A considerable amount of married women nowadays are complaining about being dissatisfied sexually. Unfortunately sexual dysfunction in relationships can lead to miscommunication, injured self-esteem, broken trust, arguments and sometimes separation. Is it wrong for a woman to desire to be pleased sexually and have a serious problem if she’s being turned away more than she’s being turned on? If your spouse is unwilling to “make your toes curl” how do you manage to get your needs met and maintain a healthy relationship mentally, emotionally, and sexually? Listen in as we advise a young newlywed who says she and her new husband are having sex about twice a month. This new wife says she’s tried seducing her husband and just straight up asking her husband to make love to her and she gets answers like: Ok, let me take a shower…which he never gets around to doing or he’ll say: “You’re ovulating right now…too risky” to which she responds “Well, let’s use a condom” and he still thinks it’s too risky….hmmm. Interesting. Leave a comment or submit a video response letting us know your thoughts  P.S…excuse the name mess up in the credits.

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  1. Jamila
    Jamila says:

    I also have to agree. I mean even after you do the things you need to make sure your not on the same level and willing to work with the person and able to work with you too.

  2. Terrence Ferguson
    Terrence Ferguson says:

    Unfortunately this is one of those situations in marriage that's a "for better or worse". There are quite a few people I know dealing with this issue. I've even heard a few pastors saying that people who aren't married need to stop having sex and people who are married need to start. Of course we all have expectations going into marriage, and for this couple this happens to be one area that isn't working out to well. I bet there are other areas that are working out just fine. Marriage is not easy, but for me no matter what the issue, giving up on my marriage is not an option. A guy at my church said that he's more commited to his "Marriage" than he is to his wife. That's exactly how I feel as well. No matter what changes my wife goes through, she can make me mad or whatever, but during those times I am committed to her and my marriage. It's a 3 fold relationship (me, my wife, and God). Now if someone is being abusive or something, they may not have been meant to marry, but that's another topic. God bless!

  3. symbolscience
    symbolscience says:

    "Every man wants to please his wife sexually"….i would have to agree with that statement.

  4. Jroe
    Jroe says:

    They said they were a young couple…i wonder how young they are. The reasons may vary depending upon age. The motivation for a man that's 30-40 to have sex is very different than that of a man that's 20-29.

  5. Tina
    Tina says:

    Personally, I think this guy has some issues. I mean they just got married and he's already not interested??? What's up with that? I wouldn't have much tolerance for that mess! I've been in this situation before in my last marriage and it brought alot of problems. I think most people think that women are the ones who tend to typically say no to sex but I think it's the best kept secret that there are a lot of men out here with a missing sex drive!!

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