Dangerous Relationship Advice That Can Kill Your Relationship

By Ruth Purple

The beliefs and rules you live by in life play a huge factor in how you engage in relationships. Your relationship is succeeding or failing based on those beliefs and rules.  Many of the beliefs you have are limiting and are steering you in the wrong direction. It’s time to break free from those beliefs, break free from the wrong rules and bad relationship advice.  In case you’re wondering what some of those limiting beliefs look like…check out these HAZARDOUS love tips below.

Relationship Advice #1: “Your romantic affair would be better if you straighten your partner out.” Never entrap your mind believing that if you change your partner; your togetherness will be great. Once and for all, you have to let go of the childish notion that other people are responsible for your own happiness.

Relationship Advice #2: “There is a right way and a wrong way to make your love life successful.” Each person is unique and when two unique individuals come together, it creates a very special and distinct bonding.

There is no definite way or “rule” to have a successful love-affair.

Relationship Advice #3: “A deep and loving affair has nothing to do with sex.” Believing that sex is unimportant is detrimental to your relationship. Sex is what makes your bond special. It takes you to a deep level of intimacy. It takes you away from your daily pressures. Give time to savor and enjoy this gift in your romantic affair.

Relationship Advice #4: “A successful togetherness allows you to vent all your feelings.” Having the privilege to pour your heart- out in a relationship is truly fulfilling, but when you utter something out in the peak of your anger, then it can be a totally different thing.

You are taking a risk of hurting your romance permanently. Uncensored venting has caused so many couples to break-up because one partner cannot forgive what the other partner has said during the heat of the moment. When you are angry, get out and steam-out. Bite your tongue before you say something that you might regret for the rest of your life.

Relationship Advice #5: “A successful relationship is a peaceful one.” Everybody argues, even the most emotionally stable couple. Arguing can actually be healthy, as long as it’s approached properly. It can release tension and deep-seated issues and inculcate a sense of trust knowing that you can share your deep-seated issues without being embarrassed or forsaken. So don’t worry about how many times you argue, instead worry about how you argue. When you argue, focus on the issue at hand and never attack your partner. And be sure to have a closure after each argument, you may agree to disagree, but be sure that both of you achieved closure.

Relationship Advice #6: “A successful togetherness requires great romance.” Yes, your love-affair should have enough romance to last you a lifetime. But you have to be realistic enough to know that the wild passion of romance occurs only in the first phase of the relationship (honeymoon stage), after a while it matures into a more secure, deep kind of love. It doesn’t mean that when the wild passion had fade- away there is something wrong with your togetherness. It just simply means that you are moving into another higher level of intimacy. You can still experience that “wild passion” but not as often as before.

There are many “how to’s” out there that tell you what to do and not what to do, but I have always believed that each relationship is special and they should only do what works for them. Do not be afraid to explore and have fun at the same time.

The author of this article, Ruth Purple , is a Relationship and Dating Expert. You can check out more of her work at www.relazine.com