Did You Miss The Ma’at’s Working With The Newlywed Couple On The Dr. Drew Show? Check It Out Here.

By Team BLAM

Well, yesterday a show we flew out to LA to tape with Dr. Drew Pinsky aired and we are just so happy  to have had the opportunity to work with this couple. Any time anyone lets us into their private lives we regard that as “sacred space” and a privilege. What millions of people saw on the show was just the beginning. It’s what Thomas & Shaniquea do at home that counts the most and we are confident in their ability to go to the next level. They were so open and willing! Those are 2 of the very first ingredients you need to turn your relationship around—an open mind and a willing heart.

Check out the clips below and please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Put these videos on your FB page, tweet them out, share this post or forward to your friends and family. We need for these to get views so that the message that is sent is CLEAR– WE LIKE TO SEE BLACK FOLKS MAKING POSITIVE MOVES AND WORKING ON THEIR STUFF! Support what you want to see more of! 😉

Love Yall Family!

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  1. Jacquelyn Marie
    Jacquelyn Marie says:

    Excellent! I felt like I knew you two personally, I was so excited, I had to laugh at myself…Wishing you much success.

  2. Tamisha
    Tamisha says:

    Sure did watch the show. Although I will leave my opinion to myself, I will say that I was so excited to see you two on TV. I sat down with my mom to watch you guys and although she wished you would have gave Shaniquea better advice she was happy to see you as well because I talk about you guys all the time. I wish you guys much success and I will continue to support you. God Bless.

  3. Claudine Sangare
    Claudine Sangare says:

    I liked the Maats before…I LOVE them now!! Build, build and continue building!! Wishing you continued success!!

  4. Ndala
    Ndala says:


  5. Yana
    Yana says:

    Y'all are the bomb! Here's hoping that the exposure from this show leads to your own network show! Best wishes!

  6. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    So proud of you two!

  7. Tonya Williams
    Tonya Williams says:

    This is amazing, I am so happy for you guys! This was a perfect avenue to get your message out… Congrats!

  8. Chris
    Chris says:

    this is definitely a good look

  9. faithful fan
    faithful fan says:

    You guys did great yesterday. I'm so proud yall are helping me and my man

  10. Anita
    Anita says:

    Two Thumbs Up! You guys are great. I'm glad you posted this so I can see the rest of the session.

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