Do You Know How To Defer In Your Relationship?

Defer: To YIELD respectfully in judgement or opinion. In other words hold fast, back off, submit, or consider someone ahead of yourself. I found that on and I love it. It’s simple yet profound. …and it uses the word YIELD in the definition which basically means to GIVE WAY. So, here’s my question: Are you GIVING WAY in your relationships? Are you YIELDING? Do you really understand the importance of learning to defer? It’s an essential skill. Listen in and find out why….

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  1. KhamisKay
    KhamisKay says:

    Love this advice I really needed that because I feel im the one in the relationship that is deferring often maybe too often. Thank you for allowing me to see that and open my eyes to this because many times I feel that deferring is kind is loving but also allows others to always take from you. Thank you me and mrs ma'at

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