Do You Need To Go To Church To Find A Good Man?

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Video: Where do you find good men? To make it plain good men are everywhere. The question is……are you equipped to recognize one and are you ready to be with one? In this video….we speak to a viewer who says her Mom told her that in order to find a good man she needs to get her behind in church. church the place to go to find good men? Hmmmmm.

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  1. Lync
    Lync says:

    Glad to be back Azize great topic However @Bernadettelsmith-

    You can not be serious come on we are in the year 2011. Way different then past times. These days it appears that it's about what you have material wise with most. Because if a guy is not bling-in or has swag or look like Lil Wayne , Kobe Bryant or a superstar of some females dreams, come on, men that are normal people are over looked all the time.

    I would love to hear or see 3 different generation of women, sit and have an open conversation about what do they call a man that is worth the time. And the same with men from 3 different generations, just have an open heart to heart about this. Then we will all see how very different our eras are in comparison to one another. Maybe there we can start to combine ideas and thought to solve this issue.

    Just because she's half naked and easy don't make her a good wife because lust burns after pretending for to long. Just because your girlfriends like this new guy you have with you do not mean he's right for you, what do you think? Not what your girls think, No what do you feel inside.

    Will he respect you if you say to him, no sex! 'I don't know you like that" Snap shot 10 years ahead and kids show up or he lose an arm. Do you still see him as fly as you see him now? Or lets put on 50 pound on your new girlfriend guys , is she still fly to you or do you see her with discuss and you're on to the next best thing. Think ahead, is a one night stand really worth it! Or a lustful introduction to your life in your bed the 3 rd night or second week of knowing very little about dude or chick.

    I have said this more then I care to repeat it. People need to get back to finding that friend in a person and going through the channels of just courting, now that's what's missing because when you hit it and move on ok what did you accomplish, Nothing but a dirty mess you made and just maybe drop a baby here and there which is very wrong a "lust child" left behind.

    We can go on and on about who is worth our time anymore. I say invest into yourself cleans thy spirit. learn to love self and respect the temple. So when you find that someone that is willing to see eye to eye with you regarding courtship, you're on to something greater.

    These days everybody is in each other business ok . Girl friends talk among one another and if Tiffany see something in the new guy she do not like she will talk the girlfriend into not moving forward with him. I am not saying that all women and their friendship is like this but there are pockets of these types everywhere, "girl this – chil that" peck peck peck peck peck to her friend is all confused about what to do.

    But these same women, now check this out will see a dude with money and look him up and down and if he look anything like a ball player or movie star , it's on because to the girlfriends he's ok. MIND YOU DUDE HAS A BLACK BOOK FILLED UP WITH 50 DIFFERENT WOMEN NUMBERS, just maybe, because it's about the presentation that captures the eye rather we like this or not. Now at the same time a bother can be down with his business and not be about the bull. But have his plan together and has a women at home.

    Will the girlfriend ignore this after finding out or will she thinks she better for him because of her igo, So you see tricks and sticks and stones we all throw back and forth. I say keep yo nosy girlfriend out your business and run your own life and find out who you are inside and out.

    Invest into yourself, a love for your life and when you find that someone make dam sure he or she understand as well as you.

    I have to get to know you before we even kiss or dance to Barry White's love songs that lead us to the promise land lol, ha ha ha ha no really we need to get back to loving self first before anyone can understand how to love us.

    Each and everyone of us then he or she will be able to see through the mist and find that friend to court and one day just maybe become husband and wife forever after.

    The End

  2. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    You will be surprised to find that some church folks are not going to heaven and some folks going to heaven are not church folks. I disagree with the statement of going to church to find a good man. Good men are everywhere and they don't have to be in the church. The question is, are you healthy enough to attract a "good man"? And how do you define a "good man"? What are your expectations? We tend to mix our fantasies with reality. Reality may present to you a man who acknowledges God, who loves and honor God but not interested in organized church. Good men are everywhere, it is often things that we do that drives them away.

    • Lync
      Lync says:

      Wow I am almost speechless-
      Cynthia hit the nail right on the head with her posting, Wow and this came from a women OMG LOL she hit the nail right on the head, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wow! I am inspired.

      Cynthia you have great insight and wisdom OMG LOL.

      Peace to you 🙂

  3. Sally A Kerti
    Sally A Kerti says:

    Love you guys!Thank you? so much for your wisdoms as always.
    Much Love.

  4. bernadettelsmith
    bernadettelsmith says:

    When I was single, I didn't want guys trying to talk to me at church. When I did go to church, it was merely for the spiritual experience and nothing more. However, I did meet nice guys all the time. (I.e. the? grocery store, coffee house, library, gas station, internet, etc.) Good men were all around. I don't understand why some ppl are finding it difficult to find a mate.

  5. Lync
    Lync says:

    Hello, I know it's been a minute, but I agree with the host 100% however Ms Hendrix, no disrespect but times has changed to so where people are out there searching for one another and not to say, most morals are in question, not all but enough to make a point in what I am saying here.

    These days you have to have money to attract a somewhat good looking women. Not that I agree with this but a lot of females will say money has nothing to do with it. But let there friends get involved before you know it one women voice in that crowd become law and she may not even be the one who is dating the guy, lol.

    With the divorce rate up so high in our black culture it's very discouraging to even think on terms of marriage anymore due to how the law is so one sided.

    I am not sure what age group you're in but try talking to young women of today and see if what you suggest settles with them, but listen closely to their answers. I feel that many people feel that God will send them a man and most times it's mistaken to be in a church of God only which is a mistake.

    This man could be someone that she never looked at or would never speak to if it was up to her and her views on what success means to her to pare up with him. There are so many clouded information out there about what is considered a good man. When we have a culture of black women thinking they can not make it with a black man.

    I mean that alone cause a great deal of distrust. You try and say hello good morning to women they look the other way. You try opening a door for the women and they stop and say you don't have to do that thinking you want something. I mean wow so finding anyone of value these days can be like a needle in the hay stack.

    I will go out on the limb to say "a lot of people do not know what they want" so they settle because what's eating at them they want figure out until it's to late most of the times, meaning a baby is born into this world base on lust creating a love child that may or may not get to have both parents there because they figured out they have nothing in common so they part ways.

    There is a solution to all of this!

  6. Ms Hendrix
    Ms Hendrix says:

    I agree with the message in your video. Also, it isn't the woman's position to look for a man.

    ? Maya Angelou

    "A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ

    that a man should have to seek Him first to find her."

    You all be blessed

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