Do You Really Understand The Power Of Touch In Your Relationship?

VIDEO: Do you have special people in your life? Is your man or woman a unique, irreplaceable, and special part of your existence? If the answer is yes….let me ask you….does he/she know? It’s important that you let the people you love know that you love them and why you love them. ….. It doesn’t always have to be through words..sometimes a simple touch can say what words can never convey. Listen in to truly understand why & how you should Recognize your sweetheart through touch, Reassure you baby through touch, and Revitalize yourself and the relationship through touch. You and your relationship deserve it.

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  1. Harriet
    Harriet says:

    Thank y'all for this one. My husband has been complaining about this, and listening to this helped me hear the longing behind his complaint.

  2. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Wow this is something I do but I have to share with my friends. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Shana
    Shana says:

    Oh my goodness….do you know how something missing or is off in your relationship and you just can't put your finger on it? This was what it was….my husband and I have really gotten so tied up with life and our problems that we've hardly paid attention to each other let alone touched each other. I'm really try harder in this area. Thanks for the touch time lesson. I so needed it.

  4. Patrick Rock
    Patrick Rock says:

    Chandrea Reid life on this earth has been a blessing to me in many ways.
    I hope that is something that she already knows.I know what her life here has meant to me.
    It has been a blessing sent from God, that I truly see.A delicate but strong person.A loving and kind person.A sharing and giving soul.A wise and valued friend.A very beautiful woman.A very moral person.A woman who has became my best friend.The softness of your heart
    With her I feel the commitment of true love.With her I feel a valued as a human being.The beauty that God has placed in her soul and That she is truly my best friend, my life. I'm blessed to have her in my life.She is the picture and example of a perfect woman.This woman not just touched my heart she sometimes her the softness of her touch can take my back to the first time I kissed her lips.

  5. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    This is so so soooo important! Thank you for reminding me. I must admit that i'm guilty of not touching my man enough….but i'm about to switch it up. Thank you for the love lesson.

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