Free Yourself From Anger And Resentment In Your Relationship

By Michelle Mayur

Recently I was sitting in my parked car waiting to collect my daughter from her drama lesson when an obviously angry woman in a small car tried several times to back into the space in front of me, which was easily long enough for a large car. I noted she had little skill in parking after several unsuccessful attempts that saw her hit the curb at near right angles each time. Eventually she got her car in and backed it up very close to my car. She opened her door and gesticulated what I thought was, “Can I back up any more?” to which I politely signaled, “No”. I went back to reading my book, only to be confronted shortly afterwards by this woman demanding I open my car window so she could hurl a tirade of abuse at me! Apparently her initial gesticulations had been intended to get me to back up further, effectively onto the bumper bar of the car behind me. Her miscommunication that caused me to give her a “no” signal released her rage. Reeling from the verbal attack as she stormed off, I was not given any chance of resolving the miscommunication.

She left the scene filled with rage feeling I had been deliberately horrible to her and I felt my energy field had been shattered. All completely unnecessary if she had communicated her wants clearly in the first place. I did however ask for light and love to be sent to her.

How many angry people do you know who feel the whole world is out to get them and their experiences just seem to reinforce this? How many of these people have few if any friends? Could it be something they themselves are doing that perpetuates their situation? From my experience with the angry woman above, it certainly seems some people do. I would certainly give her a wide berth if our paths crossed again! Take a long, hard look at yourself and be honest – could you be one of these angry people? Maybe not on the surface, but do you harbor lingering resentment about past emotional hurts and grievances, which become energetically locked in your body, creating corrosive energy within? If so, it is time to release and resolve it before your greatest punishment is not to those who wronged you, but to yourself, as you increase the likelihood of degenerative diseases like diabetes type II, cancer, especially liver cancer, and heart problems.

My all time favorite technique I have developed for shifting any stuck emotions, especially anger and resentment, doesn’t have a fancy name and is extremely simple, yet deceptively powerful:

– Sit or lie in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed

– Start thinking about a person or situation that makes you feel angry

– Explore where you feel this discomfort of anger in the body

– Breathe into this area for several minutes and become aware of the form (shape, size, colour, etc) of this anger

– On the in-breath draw the energy of this stuck anger up to the throat

– On the outbreath say in your mind whatever comes to you, even if it starts off as just a toning sound

– Soon you are likely to tap into the heart of the anger and words of rage will be powerfully expressed in your mind

– Allow your whole body to be fully involved in the release process if necessary

– Underneath the anger you are likely to encounter tears

– Continue with the releasing of trapped anger in your mind until it feels complete

– Allow that ‘energy void’ to now be filled with whatever it needs for healing, such as the vibration of calm, peace or white light.

– Check back to what you were thinking about initially and see if there are any more areas of angry discomfort. If so repeat the process.

– Completion is when you can think of the original person or situation in a neutral way, free of any anger charge.

Michelle Mayur, a conscious entrepreneur specialising in “Heal the Healer”. Tools and info for developing Wellness Professionals personally and in business.