I’m In The Best Relationship Ever BUT It’s Not With My Husband

VIDEO: Do you know of anybody that is still married but has started another relationship? Do they swear that the new person is the best there ever was? A lot of times when we’re in a relationship we swear the grass is greener on the other side even though we’ve neglected our own lawns. We received a question from a viewer that’s married, however she’s in a relationship with another man. She asks whether or not she should allow her marriage to legally come to a complete close (which she says she can’t afford right now) before moving forward in her new relationship. What do you think?

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  1. The Mister
    The Mister says:

    you are just giving "the best relationship ever" your new found energy and favor
    i am sure the reason is "because you are not being given what you need from your spouse"
    All To Often Folks Come Up With This "Side Relationship " As a Solution, BUT ITS THE PROBLEM THAT JUST COMPOUNDS YOUR PROBLEMS!
    check yourself, everybody please check yourself…

  2. The Mister
    The Mister says:

    you are just giving "the bets relationship ever" your energy and favor.
    I am sure the reason is "because I am not being given what I need from My husband"
    All To Often Folks Come Up With This "Side Relationship " As a Solution, BUT ITS THE PROBLEM THAT JUST COMPOUNDS YOUR PROBLEMS.

  3. tasha
    tasha says:

    bROKEN MARRIAGES AND HOMES leaves our children confused. No real man in the house, to show them what commtment means. Too many are a result of what they see, (that its just easier to walk away and leave your baggage)instead of working through a committed relationship. Some of these mentoring programs are a joke, often time the men (THE MEN THAT should be mentoring) end up taking advantage of the situation and start having affairs with the mothers of these young men and forgetting all about the real reason they connected in the first place, the attention shift from the welfare of the youth to a non committed affair with the mother) and the young men end up still being lost. Mentoring a youth does not mean slipping in the bed with their mother and playing mind games. I know of too many prominent brothers (businessmen, coaches, preachers etc,) that have been in this position and took advantage of the situation. I wonder what the divorce rate and and extra marital affair rate is among the 100 black men across the country? Best thing you can teach them is what it is to be a real man of commitment, be it education, religion, relationship etc.

  4. jnqidowu1
    jnqidowu1 says:

    Part 2
    There lies the problem. People are politically correct as opposed to just being correct? and accepting the truth. Just as the love of money is the root of all evil, so the love of sex is the root of relationship ills (at least for MANY relationships). There it is folks! Think about? it, people cheat, think about cheating, complain about the "flame" in the relationship burning out, etc,. People look at me funny because of my abnormal lack of desire for sex. Hell, I look at them funny for their lack of mental toughness, discipline, and common sense. If more people were this way, we would not have children born out of extra-marital affairs, wedlock, STD's, AID/HIV spreading rampantly, teenage pregnancies, people blowing off their heads or the heads of their lovers, etc,. Man, I tell ya! Where? are we headed as a society!

  5. Ms. Diva J
    Ms. Diva J says:

    I am in this situation, however my husband left my kids and I and started relationships with many women before I began seeing anyone. I have filed for divorce and now he is contesting it claiming that he wants to make things work. It has been over a year and I am still seeing the same person. I am happy and content with where I am. I never meant for my situation to play out like this. I really wish I would have been legally divorced before beginning a new relationship.

  6. Maya
    Maya says:

    I would close the marriage first. The person that is making you happy most likely is holding back his or her true feelings due to u still being married. This person that you are with most likely is giving you something that your husband is not giving you. You should talk with your husband and tell him what other person is giving u, that he is not. If money is the only reason why you are staying. Then you may want to question your relationship with the other person. He /or she should say I gottcha. .

    • Tamara Carter
      Tamara Carter says:

      Do NOT tell your husband what another man is giving you that he is not!!! Bad advice…. A good way to get hurt!

  7. Erica Mines
    Erica Mines says:

    I strongly believe in the sacred union of marriage. When two people have decided to make a commitment they should both be prepared physically, emotionally and mentally. They should have intention and purpose everyday to do and not allow outside interference beit at the workplace and abroad. Giving in to temptation and lust while married only means you were not ready for the sacred act of unity as one. Every part of your being should belong to your mate and until more of us begin to seek our soul mates and not our flesh mates marriages will constantly be threated and an at risk cause…. Infidelity begins with a weakened mind which is naturally carried out in the flesh.

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