Get You Some Sense Of Self In Your Relationship And In Your Life

VIDEO: I have power like he has power, i have what he has in some areas more, i have a easy spirit, why does he like conflict and pick things to argue over which are irrelevent.  why does he have to go into my email and pick stuff that occured years prior, why do i have to tell him every move i make details? i dont do that to him if i have a question ill ask but im not evasive, why does he compair me to his ex wife or the mayor or other females and i dont do that to him but when i did about his abusive nature he said “thats not fair to compare me to them” but he does it. i just dont understand im loosing my intrest and my love and heart is gaurded at this time. part of my job is being in contact with these fellons, they have cerfews, electronic moniters, we have a job phone if my phone goes off to much he has issues but its part of my job. i was putting in information on the phone he thought i was texting and when i explained to him bu showing him what im doing he was like o okay, when they call to check in he wants me to put them on speaker so he can hear the conversation,  ive been with him for 3 years and dont have acess to his home i have to come when hes there but he will leave me there to lock up. but i gave him acess to my home 2 years in. i reside 2 hours from him but hes been to my house 3 times and ive been to his multiple.  its like im in a one way relationship. as long as he looks good and i can talk about the way he dressess with his golf hats but i dont because he thinks he looks good. i dont degrade him, but he does me often then most. my motto is if im with yoy im with you i dont have time for nonsense i wanst brought up that way. i came into this year with my dad and i left last years baggage in last year im ready to leave his baggage as well and start anew. im really getting tired. one time i even grabbed a knife to cut my arm to show him blood since thats what he seems he wanted to prove to him i love him.. its crazy.. why do i continually put myself in this


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  1. Jen
    Jen says:

    Excellent video guys. Thought provoking as usual.

  2. intjurban
    intjurban says:

    Wow, thank you for this one. Power & control issues lead to abuse; I'm trained not to blame the victim. But I ALWAYS advocate that even the victim's inability to make a conscious choice is really a choice.  Not cool to just sit and take what life hands us. Priceless message here, 1.

  3. pbg98
    pbg98 says:

    i love you guys videos. i feel you are a pair of good role models for the black community, relationship and other wise. I absolutely agree. you dont have to take anybodys shit, in jamaica they have a saying "duppy know who fi frighten" meaning people treat people like shit who they know they can get away with it with, in other words, you teach people how to treat you. i am in a similar situation. this man basically tries to make me feel like i am insane…i cannot do it anymore, if I luv my self

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