GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS to get MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT – 3 Simple Steps To Get Closer To Your Queen

Video: “I can’t stand my wife!”   “She gets on my god damn nerves”.  “She’s always in my ear but don’t never wanna lay on her back”    “You ain’t married to me you’re married to our kids”.  “Tonight your mouth should be used for one purpose only and it ain’t to talk”.  “You seem happier with your girlfriends than you do with me”.  “What happened to the way we used to be?”

I have heard all of the aforementioned quotes at one point or another while working with men in their relationships.  Truth be told, a couple of these I’ve actually thought or said myself.  So I understand the frustration that comes with growing and getting to know your spouse on a deep level.  Trust and believe, Aiyana and I have a real relationship that has blossomed to become something very beautiful….but it’s been a process.  It’s because of that process and the fruits of our labor that am truly thankful for the connection my Queen and I have.

I wouldn’t take any of it back.  Along our journey I had to learn some real lessons.  I had to learn some real lessons about life and about love.  In this video I will be sharing with you 3 simple steps you can take to get closer to your Queen.  I want to help you reduce or completely eliminate your frustration with your relationship and GET YOU MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT from your woman….AND I KNOW THESE 3 TIPS WILL HELP.

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  1. Tia
    Tia says:

    I'm sure my husband feels like all of the quotes above and at this point I do not care. I have spent 7 years sacrificing everything for him and all he thinks about is himself. I don't want to try anymore to give him anything. I don't want a man doing stuff for me just to get anything. Do it because you love me like I did it because I loved you. This goes right to the heart of how selfish men are, they are always looking to get something, nothing they do is genuinely from the heart my husband included.

  2. neimah
    neimah says:

    Excellent video x

  3. Carol
    Carol says:

    that was on point….. but I don't know if my marriage will last. Husband seems like he doesn't care about the marriage anymore.

    • SmoovMochaNut
      SmoovMochaNut says:

      @Carol: Sorry to hear that, but I know how you feel. Do you see yourself putting a lot of (extra) effort to being closer & to re-connect only to realize that your spouse's mind is constantly on "other" things & they don't seem to want to be close at all anymore. You biggest indicator of chance to stay together is the level of communication you have with each other. When you talk to each other, do you feel like you're defending yourself or does your spouse become visibly defensive when you try to compromise about something? Does every discussion become some type of an argument as you both fight to make sure YOUR point is understood by the other?

      A successful relationship can only last when the relationship of loving each other goes both ways.

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    Great Video Bro

  5. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Ayize this was powerful message delivered with compassion and intent. You were on point brotha

  6. O. Quendo
    O. Quendo says:

    You Hit The Nail Right In The Middle!! True Words!

  7. Miss Araye
    Miss Araye says:

    Awesome, awesome awesome!!! I'd love to see a similar video aimed at us ladies.

  8. Queen Nekia
    Queen Nekia says:

    Clap, clap,clap.. You did that brotha

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