He Really Don’t Want You

Hello, I would really like you guys advice on something that has been bothering me for 6 years now. My husband and I  have been together for about 6 years and have been married for  4 years . We have a  5 yrs.old  and a 2  yrs old that are bothautistic. My husband blames me for having our children because when we first had my eldest my husband said that he did not want to be with me any more and did not want a family. After I left him the first time his family wanted to be involved in my son’s life so the convinced him to step up and be a father. After seeing my husband spend with our son I began to fall back in love with him but I guess now I realized he never really wanted to be with me. When my eldest was diagnosed my husband said that he didn’t want any more kids even though he knew that i did want more. Every time he wanted sex he would tell me lets make a baby and then when we fought he would tell me he dose not want to be with me and dose not want to be a father. after about a year of this we separated but he was still coming by and trying to have sex with me. We concieved our soon during that separation and now he blames me for getting pregnant and the fact that my youngest was diagnosed with autism he blames me for it. I now want a divorce but I hate feeling like I still love him. I don’t even know what to do. I He is the only man I have been with and I am afraid of being alone with two kids.What should  I do?

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  1. Patricia K.
    Patricia K. says:

    Raising young ladies to spot these sort of guys is going to be crucial to us pulling out of the spin we're in with regard to marriage/intimacy in the Black community. I advocate training kids to love themselves so much that any person who does not share their self love and reflect it in their treatment of them does not get to enter their personal space. My husband and I are parenting so that when our daughter is grown, we can sleep well at night. Hope somebody else is doing this, too!

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    Wake up Sis and assume your position as the Queen that you are.

  3. Gerald Davis
    Gerald Davis says:

    Her self esteem was challenged from her youth. Someone or something caused her to settle to compromise her self worth. There fore, I agree energy out energy in. Yes this is attraction on a deeper level. Before seeking value, you must embrace clarity. This is the green grass syndrome. As you already are aware, once you embrace the clarity, You will then have the strength to be honest with yourself. Then acceptance will guide you. Who abandoned you, or made you feel emotionally unsafe? Answer that, you begin the process of defining who your are. But not until you love yourself first. This will realign everything. Trust my sister, know this.. when time passes, they always learn the things they deny, Love yourself, fix what's broken with in you. As you evolve, you come to see this. Because they always return in. speak your truth. define your self, and allow God to guide you steps. Discern…

  4. OpenFuture
    OpenFuture says:

    sounds like she's enjoying being dickmatized

  5. Shay
    Shay says:

    Awesome! This should be a PSA!

  6. Sheba
    Sheba says:

    Ladies protect ur womb use ur brain not ur heart to make decisions know when ur being emotionally n verbally abused. Stop vaccinating ur kids it causes autism do ur research. Close ur legs open mind read sum books gain wisdom. Don't hac children that u cannot support by urself. Bcuz ur man is most often not gonna stick around. Don't make ur life harder than it has to be n don't let n e man husband or otherwise make decisions concerning ur body. Bcus as u c YOU WILL LOSE. N so will ur children while ur x man will be free to mistreat other naive women.

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