How To Say “Sorry” To Your Spouse

By Michael Lee

At one point or another, everyone gets into an argument. When this happens, do you know how to say sorry? Some learn it the easy way, but others learn it the hard way – sometimes at the cost of a relationship.

To avoid making matters irreparable between you and your spouse, I suggest you take the time to think about how you can make things up. Learn how to say sorry to a right now.

Step 1: Compose Your Apology.

Saying sorry isn’t going to cut it. You have to understand what you’re regretful about in the first place. So before entering your spouse’s physical presence, why don’t you sit down with yourself and think long and hard about what you’ve done to upset the relationship.

It may not always be your fault, of course, but you also need to take your reactions into consideration. This time off will also give your spouse time to reflect and cool down. After all, there’s no sense in apologizing when your spouse clearly isn’t in the mood to hear you out.

Step 2: Humility is the Best Policy.

If you really want to learn how to say sorry, then keep your head low and be humble. Talking your head off about how you think you were in the right – and how your spouse was in the wrong – might just get you into hotter water.

If your friendship really matters to you, then you wouldn’t mind giving this one fight to your spouse. Who cares who was right and who was wrong anyway?

Isn’t saving your relationship what really matters? Besides, being humble can also get your spouse to open up about his own misgivings.

Step 3: Be a Good Listener.

Sometimes, learning how to say sorry involves less talking and more listening. Your spouse will inevitably have his share of problems or concerns to air out.

Try to listen to them, even if you think they are redundant. Avoid cutting your spouse short to give an explanation. Seek to understand before you seek to be understood.

These are just some of the guidelines on how to say sorry to a spouse. As you know your pal best, you can combine these ideas with your own. You can also invite your friend out to his/her favorite restaurant and talk about the situation there. Knowing your spouse best, you should also have an idea of how long it takes for them to cool down.