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Hey guys,

A little background on me and my husband: Dated for 7 years, married for 1 & 1/2. I am 22 years old and he is 24.My question is, my husband seems very distant and I don’t feel a connection to him anymore. He works two jobs so I understand that he is tired when he gets off of work but when he does have energy he wants to be alone or be with his friends . If he does spend time with me, its simply because he wants to have sex and immediately after will go to sleep or get up and play his video games. When I withhold sex for that reason he says I don’t care about him. We never have any alone time due to his work schedule and our children and when I spoke to him about going on regular dates he got upset. He responded by saying “I will take you out on Sunday and I want you to get all of this clingy crap out of your system.” As if to say that one date was going to be all the quality time I need for the rest of my life?! We argue very frequently and I have gone as far as trying to find a couples counselor in our area and he said he didn’t want to go. I asked him to start going to church with me on a regular basis and he said he isn’t ready to commit to that part of his life which was my only other way of trying to sneak quality time with him. A lot of times I feel like he can be immature because he constantly responds to my suggestions by claiming he is a “Grown man”. He calls me controlling and demanding but the truth is that I am tired and I want attention so I argue with him. I have lied about cheating on him ( I have never stepped out of our relationship) but I said it because it seems that he could care less about me otherwise and I know that is a sensitive spot for him. That is the only way I can convey emotions from him along with telling him I want a divorce. He says that I will destroy our marriage if I keep “Crying wolf” but I don’t know how to get my friend back. There is simply no more emotional connection like we had before. It seems the friendship part of our marriage is gone and never to return. What do I do when directly approaching him makes him angry and distant? Help please! I don’t want to end up another statistic.



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  1. kalkeikuu
    kalkeikuu says:

    The Husband that works 2 jobs sounds like my husband. My Husband seems resentful toward me & my children because he has to work to support me & our 4 kids.

  2. Ebony
    Ebony says:

    I absolutely love your energy. keep representing beauty of black love

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