I Want Kids And He Doesn’t….What Should I Do?

Viewer Question: I’ve been dating this guy for about a year and a half. When we first got together I asked him if he wanted anymore children. I have two from a previous relationship and he has one. His child is about to start his last year of college and my two are school age. He is 8 years older than me I’m 33. He is a wonderful father to his child and treats mine as if they were his own. My kids adore him. Lately we’ve been talking about our future together like moving in together and getting married. Ok so in the past when I brought up having another child the answer he always gave was “yes, no, I didn’t know” just two weeks ago I asked him again and now he is dead set on “NO more”. We even sat in bed one night and he told me he couldn’t wait to experience pregnancy with me. I’ve always wanted another one and this is heart braking to me. I have found my perfect man that has not only shown me love but my kids as well. My question and I know people can change their minds but is it ok for him to kind of make this decision for me? I believe he would have told me if it weren’t for me telling him we need to talk about it. So do I stay and accept his decision and possibly have my longing for another child turn into resentment down the line or do Ieave and hope to find another my perfect man that wants to have another child?