When Crazy Knocks….DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!


Video: Ok here goes , I started dating a 42year old man 6 months ago, he was the perfect verbal gentlemen for the 1st 2 months, visits, dates, calls text blah blah blah, then he started to drop in the communication area and started to be sporadic……he disappeared without a word for 3 weeks, I showed up at an event and he looked as if he saw a ghost then called me out of the blue not wanting to explain but asking for financial assistance(after lying about being employed), and now he wants to be clingy…..but still won’t explain where the hell he has been, he doesn’t have his own place but on some occasions he’ll call and ask to come over, when I agree he will say “open the door”….I am assuming he is always casing my street to see if I am having company and to top it off he always has an overnight bag. No, I have not given him the money, I have my own house, car and job and still I struggle. Please help, recently I had 2 anxiety attacks because of emotional stress. This brotha is very active in church but when he walks out the doors of the santuary…..he is something else, I am 39

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  1. Keianna
    Keianna says:

    BAHAHAH! Church Daddy….Church Daddy! This woman is sharing her story yet I personally feel she is leaving something out. How else would this man know where you live? Hummmmm HHuuummm? How is it that he is comfortable bring an over night bag to her house? HHHHuuummmm HHuuummmm? I'm not buying this story. It seems to me (& I aint judging) that they both are acting like "parasites" when the doors of the church are close. lol jk but seriously. If the beans are going to be spilled as it relates to this man's behavior, than this young lady need to come clean about her own behavior. It isn't that he crossed boundaries. She has allowed him to. Stop playing.

  2. Monique
    Monique says:

    OMG! Sounds like we know the same man, ESPECIALLY the part about while he's in church; he's like the perfect Angel, but he minute those doors swing open to release him back to the real wold….Jekyl & Hyde at it's finest! I changed my numbers, blocked him from emails and live in an entire different state. He's in MD I have my own home in TX.
    Call it bein' a punk or whatever label you need to give it, but I have my Life, Peace of Mind and Sanity! GIRL RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK
    God is so Good!!

  3. missladygray
    missladygray says:

    She's dealing with the dude because not only did he hit it, but he hit it right. That's the only logical reason I can see a woman putting up with the foolishness he has going on.

  4. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    I think this is a case of "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything".

    Some women think that any man is better than no man at all. This is so untrue! An evening alone is preferable to spending ten minutes in this guy's presence. I'd suggest you buy some good books, and popcorn and stay home. Peace and quiet beats the hell out of this kind of drama!

  5. Lovely Personality
    Lovely Personality says:

    I found you guys by typing black marriages. I received a text from a guy friend that told me marriage was a thing of the past. I don't believe that but after hearing that negativity(i think its negative) i wanted to hear some positivity and that's where I found you guys. Keep Up the great work.

  6. Amour
    Amour says:

    Ok,so homegirl found stupid again. There is no way that at 39, u will go to this extreme for the FIRST time. I bet she's been somewhere close to this before. But its ok, we all take our turn, just make sure this is the last time you settle for landing on LOSER when spinning thatold wheel-o-love. Pray, fast, be patient and keep your standards high, work on whatever it is in u that ur trying to fill with his tired ass presence and sparkle for yourself til the someone compatible arrives. good luck

  7. Tanya Tmr
    Tanya Tmr says:

    He is beyond disgusting, that is unacceptable behavior for a 42 year old man….smh!!

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