I’m Pregnant….My Husband Left….Now What?

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One of our Facebook Fans hit us with a really disturbing dilemma. She & hubby had planned on having children and were both in agreement on bringing children into the world. However, once she became pregnant…….homeboy dipped, as in bounced…..plain and simple HE LEFT.

Now, she’s left all alone and she asks….What do I do?

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  1. Cole
    Cole says:

    You can do this. There is time to deal with your hurt and deep sense of betrayal. Your baby is so worth all you will go through. Build a network of stable friends and family first off and use them to resourse, network and trade. Spend all the time you can in quality relationship with yourself and your child. Work… get the best paying/benifit job you qualify for and use your mat leave to upgrade. My hubby left while I was carrying number five. Two of our children have special needs and the baby was gonna be hard to cope with alone. A strong network of people I could trust and count on, a great job, and time well spent made all the difference.!

  2. SMonique
    SMonique says:

    Try to Stay FOCUSED on the CHILD and why YOU wanted to bring it into the world. Know that YOU have to keep YOU together for the betterment of you both (you & child). Often I felt like, "WOW!! Single working parent. My children went from parents, to single mother to 1/2 of a parent due to time on the job or school". Well, 20 years and 4 AWESOME & AMAZING children later…WE ALL ARE DOING FINE. I know that it could have been better, or maybe not, but keeping my vision on them…made it happen for US! STAND…I KNOW YOU CAN!!! Be Blessed….

  3. Jakki
    Jakki says:

    Wow…I'm so sorry you had to experience something like that. God bless you and the Baby~

  4. Terrence
    Terrence says:

    That's awesome that you guys were able to have your kids present while MC'ing! My daughter is almost two and we can barely take her to church :). She's extremely active….and we just have one (for now 🙂 ).

    Man this story is so disheartening :(. I can't believe they've been married for 9 years! It sounds more like 9 months for dude to be so selfish. I'm coming up on 9 years and I could never even let the thought enter my mind of just walking away. What kind of a MAN does that? If he has a history of this he shouldn't have ever gotten married in the first place. I pray that he steps up and be the husband and father that he committed to be.

  5. Alba Carolina Agramonte
    Alba Carolina Agramonte says:

    This is my story. Detailed and in every word, true. Waow, it's even scary for me to know that my story is told without me telling it and even scarier is that THERE ARE OTHER MEN out there like my ex-husband. Please help us all LORD (men and women).

    • Ayize
      Ayize says:

      One of the beautiful things about what we do is we offer a platform for folks to derive hope, feel inspired, gain support and learn from shared experiences. You are never alone. Remember…what has happened to you has probably already happened to someone else. Thanks for watching.
      My recent post Surviving The Storm In Your Marriage

  6. Kamirarenee
    Kamirarenee says:

    Good advice.? Something sounds way off for the husband to be so disconnected in marriage. Anyway just had to say Happy (belated) Black Marriage Day. You both make a great couple…Love watching your videos. Stay Blessed.

  7. naturalhairful
    naturalhairful says:

    I had a flashback listening to this story. My husband cheated on me one week before the birth of my child and we sat down together to plan that pregnancy. I was not sure if I wanted another child since I already had two boys, but he pleaded with me to have my now beautiful baby girl. I think some men loose their mind? temporarily when women are w/child. Don't understand it. But God conquers all. I hope she takes your advice and get counseling for the health of her and baby! Love your teaching!

  8. nshouston31
    nshouston31 says:

    Ya'll look gorgeous, I know ya'll had a fun time. I'm sure its was made even more memorable with the children in tow. Its shows that your home training has paid off.This mama is proud? of the kids for not making ya'll run up and down the aisles behind them and having to give them the evil eye, (you know the one most mamas gave in church) I'm glad it was a great day for the both of you. Sounds like he (the expecting father) became nervous?

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