Ma’at Family Toasts To 1 Year Of Black Love &

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VIDEO: There’s a whirlwind of activity over here at BLAM but we can’t get so caught up in busting our tails that we forget to take time out to say Yay!!!!! We are celebrating one year since we formally took what we do to the next level and entered the online world. This year has been nothing short of miraculous and I am in awe of what the Creator can do when you allow yourself to be the Universe’s best expression!  So,we want to send a very intentional huge thank you to each of you who have helped us get to this point and always have an encouraging word or a new perspective for us to consider. We are thankful for you all. Let’s keep pushing together and don’t foget to check out our newest endeavor

Love Ya’ll!

Ayize & Aiyana

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  1. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    Your family is beautiful. Your video is an excellent example of how work and family can be combined. Taking time to kiss your children when they wanted affection shows them that their needs are not less important than your work. That will raise princes and princesses who know their value! That will allow the strong black family to replicate itself. It's a great example for all of us, too; we need examples of good parenting. Congrats to you both! Marriage should bring children, and the children should grow up and transform the area of the world that they're in. God bless you for sharing your family with us!

  2. ShaniKeys
    ShaniKeys says:

    Congrats to you guys, I've been following y'all since day? one and I don't regret it! Looking forward to familiarizing myself with the new site! KEEP PUSHIN

  3. AstralBooBaby
    AstralBooBaby says:

    Such a beautiful family! You guys are true beacons? of spirit, love and elevated consciousness! Congratulations on your anniversary and no matter what life throws your way; you WILL work it out because I do forsee longevity as a couple! Immeasurable love, ABB

  4. TONIAG03
    TONIAG03 says:

    congrats you two, god is good and thanks for blessing us ppl on youtube with all you inspirational words of wisdom and encouragement!!! thankyou? so much <3 <3

  5. ItHiNkIdEsErVeIt
    ItHiNkIdEsErVeIt says:

    OMG HE IS GIVING U THE Meanest eyes he can make. hahahah "it’s? not funny"

  6. jjtiojohn12
    jjtiojohn12 says:

    your family is beautiful, congrads to the both of you. Im a 20? year old college student and I hope that I can get to the point in my life where I can be married. do you have any advice for a guy my age on seeking out a partner for marraige?, Im still young but I would love some advice about how to get to that marraige point.

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