In The Still Of The Night- Brother Jamil’s Music Moment

We at BLAM recognize everyone is special.  Everyone possesses unique gifts and abilities that if embraced and actualized would bring brighter days to our lives.  One person that we personally know, love, and are proud to have as a part of the B Intentional family has shined a light in our lives ever since we met him.  His name is Brother Jamil Muhammad.  Not only is he an expert orator, but he also has a vast musical vocabulary that leaves many people speechless.   So we’ve chosen to give him the stage and shine the light on his hand picked musical selections because we feel they will bring light and life to our viewers.  Enjoy Brother Jamil’s Music Moment

Salaams, Y’all….If you got it, you just GOT it. It is an indictment of the existing structure of the entertainment industry that some “singers” are rich and famous, while these brothers toil in relative obscurity in the catacombs of Gotham City…Can you dig it?

Brother Jamil Muhammad is a dedicated Marriage Educator and an avid fan of music in all its forms. He created the award-winning couples’ curriculum “Making Music in Your Marriage” and is committed to the use of music to put and keep passion and excitement in your marriage (reach him at or at 202 696 5150

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    Sang black men SAANNGGGGG!!!

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