Is Sleeping Close To Your Partner The Key To Relationship Happiness?

By Evann Gestaldo

It may be better for your health to sleep in a separate bed than your partner—but a new study finds that the happiest couples are those who sleep close together.Very close together, as in less than an inch apart. A survey of 1,000 people found that those who kept such close parameters had an 86% chance of reporting they were satisfied in their relationship, compared to 66% for those who slept 30 inches apart or more, the Telegraph reports. Another predictor of relationship happiness: touch. While 94% of couples who made physical contact throughout the night reported a happy relationship, just 68% of couples who kept their distance did the same.

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  1. SmoovNut
    SmoovNut says:

    Definitely some truth in this article. I can confidently say that when my partner feels "happy" about me, she does tend to sleep a bit closer. And on those days when she hadn't really thought about me or just ain't "feelin`me", she'll noticeably sleep further away from me. We sleep in a king-size bed – and don't take up no more than half the space – so it's really noticeable when she literally sleeps "on the other side" of the bed. Although it's normal for us to get in bed & embrace each other as we fall asleep, we'll usually end up apart in the morning from some tossing & turning & tug-of-war with the sheets.

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