My Man Wants Me To Call Him Master When I Talk To Him

My man of 2 years wants me to address him as master when i talk to him.  He also wants me to get permission for everything.  This has been his personal preference regardless of the fact that i told him how i feel about it.  I have also talked to some people about some things in our relationship and I regret it because of how it made him feel.  I asked other people because i needed the opinions of people who had done the marriage and relationship walk.  I was doing everything to make sure I treated him like a king and to show him i love him but he doesn’t see or feel it.  I love him and I want things to work for us but i no longer want to put down my emotions and beliefs to satisfy him.  How can you get this point across to him?

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  1. Shay
    Shay says:

    How about loving yourself more than wanting someone else to love you-SMH. Thirsty~

  2. bbqem
    bbqem says:

    People in general have holes that need to be filled. They believe someone else has to fill that hole for them instead of them doing it themselves. What this means is, such a person can NEVER be satisfied no matter what you do. In the process you begin to go down, you begin to question if it's you who has the problem. You may even begin to feel crazy so all you can do now is leave.

    Do NOT talk to him, don't keep any contact with him at all. Manipulation is the core of who they are and either you're in 100% or out 100% because there can be no other way.

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