Is Wearing A Black Wedding Dress THAT Bad For Your Second Wedding?

Ok, I am getting married on March 12th . My fiancé is a widower and I am a divorcee. My dilemma is that I am a plus size bride having a very casual wedding and I have a simple white floor length dress that pretty much resembles a giant white curtain… Haha. It’s really not that flattering, but I was ok with wearing it long enough to get married & changing RIGHT after our I dos. I was then going to wear something more comfy and less white. Yesterday, I found the cutest black tea length dress that I feel very pretty & sexy in…and not at all nauseated when I think of being in front of 100 people in, as opposed to the white one. My fiancée thinks I should just wear the white one (which he has not seen me in). He was with me when I tried on & bought the black one & thought it looked very good. Is wearing a black dress THAT bad for your second wedding?

This question came from a bride to be who wrote in to the folks over at And, we think it’s a very interesting question indeed. Are there rules for what you should or should not wear for second weddings? Should this bride do what makes her happy or pay attention to the message it may send and the impressions of others? Weigh in ya’ll! We want to know what you think.

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  1. hunni
    hunni says:

    I wore black on my wedding day and it was beautiful and DIFFERENT!!! my dress was in a grecian style with gold across the bodice and my sister who was my maid of honor wore black with silver embellishment.yep we were STUNNING!!! lol even my auntie who for 3 wks straight tried to force me to buy traditional wedding dress had to eat her words because as i stated we were STUNNING!! the wearing of white dresses began in england with i believe queen anne (not sure of the name) and now everyone tends to believe thats the only color u can marry in. i admire every woman who can stop being a sheep following the masses and just do what feels right for them.

    • Andria
      Andria says:

      Women back then traditionally got married in colored dresses. An dyes were expensive. The Queen created a white wedding dress to show people that they can save money and still be elegant.

  2. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    I say wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and special. The wedding is all about you and your husband to be. The dress in the picture is fierce! It would not be for me personally, but who says you have to wear white anyways?

  3. Sereathia D
    Sereathia D says:

    Girl turn it out in black , its your wedding so HAVE IT YOU WAY! In the end you and your husband is all that matters, NOW would say throw in an accent color like (baby blue, silver,pale green) to set if off other then that DO YOU!


  4. Nate
    Nate says:

    Not to be insensitive but……it seems like the only reason she wants to wear a black dress is because it hides her weight. How long was her engagement? Did she have enough time to lose the weight prior to the wedding? I just think that bright colors would be more appropriate since it's supposed to be a bright occasion.

  5. Brandi
    Brandi says:

    Black is beautiful.. She just needs to find something that compliments her and not do it because she is divorced and he lost his wife. They need to create new beautiful memories.

  6. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    Girl, it is your wedding…wear whatever you like. My wedding colors were black and white over 20 years ago and I would do it again. You have got to consider what you and your husband to be likes. Congratulations at finding love again.

  7. Andria
    Andria says:

    She should wear what makes her happy. Bottom line. I did not like the silver and white suit my husband picked to wear on our wedding day, but looking back, I am so glad he did wear it. It was different and not boring and it made him stand out. I even saw this one chick on TV wear a wedding dress made entirely out of ballons. She was so happy with it.

  8. J.D.
    J.D. says:

    A black wedding dress? Ummmm no. Just creepy to me personally.

  9. Haimler
    Haimler says:

    is the dress color really that serious….. i mean really? Focus on the wedding. Focus on the marriage….that's what matters. She should where whatever makes her feel good.

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      I agree. She should do what makes her happy! I started my marriage trying to make everybody else happy and I'm still trying to break that cycle 5 years later!

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