The NEW Marriage Negotiations

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VIDEO: Please help us out and share this with any and everybody you know! This is our premier project for 2011 and we are so excited about all the wonderful people we’re going to meet and relationships that are going to be elevated. This is Real talk about real relationships going to the next level. There are positive examples of black love in the African American community and is diligently working to bring healing and wholeness to love. Relationships require negotiation, compromise and flat out work. The online relationship classes we have starting in April will definitely show you how to find love and strengthen the love that you have. Registration begins March 9th. Classes begin April 18th.

For general information on the classes CLICK HERE.

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  1. feminineandfeisty
    feminineandfeisty says:

    Finally a POSITIVE video on black love and marriage. Because it? does exist and is alive and well today.

  2. mrsgmason
    mrsgmason says:

    Alright? the Ma'ats you go! lol

  3. VeeLuvly80
    VeeLuvly80 says:


  4. Meena
    Meena says:

    i'll be back on the 9th to sign up. I need this in my life right about now.

  5. smurfsgot1
    smurfsgot1 says:

    this video is on point.i'm for therapy and groups,great promo.?

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