Is Your Partner The Marrying Type Or Not?

By Ruth Purple

When two people are in a relationship, it is often because of the love and special bond that they share. Whether or not there is an outright affirmation of commitment, the question of whether the partner is the marrying type or not will somehow cross the mind of anyone involved with another person.

A lot of people make the mistake of presuming that just because they get along fine and sex is great, the relationship is definitely headed to the altar, and they will grow old and stay together for the rest of their lives. Sadly, this is not usually the case, and this naive idea of a relationship simply causes confusion and heartaches.

It is important to determine your goals of being in a relationship, especially if you and your partner have been involved for quite a long time. These goals can help a couple become fully aware of what they really want out of the other person, and see whether they both want the same things or not.

So, what are the signs that a partner is the marrying type or not? It doesn’t take a genius to read the signs, actually, just as long as one is willing to see the truth, even if it’s not something that one wants or least expects. The most important thing for a person to do is to examine all the aspects of the relationship—this includes not only the wonderful parts that make you giggle, but the less desirable parts as well.

Most people dream of getting married and settling down at some point in their lives, and they will naturally desire somebody whom they share the same dreams and ideals about love and life in general. However, being in a serious relationship with someone is never a guarantee that it will end in marriage.

This is precisely the reason why there is a need for you and your partner to talk about marriage and commitment, just so you’ll know if you are really headed somewhere. However, there are some people who are absolutely hard to comprehend, because of the mixed signals they tend to show.

In order to cut to the chase and know whether your partner will actually marry you eventually or not, here are powerful signs to look out for: Your partner’s willingness to discuss marriage: whenever you bring up the idea, does he/she have negative or positive opinions? If he always says he’s not so crazy about such an outdated concept, and that it’s actually a trap to chain men down, then he is unlikely to pop the question soon.

Another prominent sign is the length of time it took him/her to make any commitment (if he/she ever made one at all). People who are not the marrying type usually seem rather afraid of commitment, and are often slow to commit to dating exclusively. He/she is contented with the way things are, and that there is no need to rush into marriage, because the institution of marriage is dying out anyway.

As long as your partner is making excuses and shows no interest in getting married, then he/she is most likely not the marrying type. If this is the case, then try to move on and find someone who sees love just as you do. Getting married is a wonderful thing, only if there is mutual love and commitment between you and your partner.

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  1. La'Resa
    La'Resa says:

    I agree! You should checkout your partner to make sure he or she is right for you.

    Most of the time people jump into relationships and marriage fast. It's the love and nothing can't stop them from being together.

    If you are going to marry and give your heart away to someone else, you need to figure this out.

    Find out all the good and bad, if it's meant to be then you have found your match.

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