Take Off Your Superman or Superwoman Cape

To some degree we all walk around with a mask on.  We hide behind the illusion of “being o.k.” or “being all good”.  We don’t want to be vulnerable…we don’t want to take a risk.  We live life in a posture of self protection for the purpose of mental, physical, and emotional self preservation.  It’s just a part of being human.  It’s normal.  It becomes abnormal when self protection and preservation becomes your only way of being.  It’s a problem when you ONLY know how to be superman or superwoman.  It’s a problem when you refuse to be vulnerable and take a risk.  In this video I encourage you to let your guard down and take off your cape.  In doing so you’ll realize that you’re o.k. just as you are.

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  1. intjurban
    intjurban says:

    Wisdom. Hung up my cape a LONG time ago; it becomes a lead cap if left on too long.

  2. MsLoveCreator
    MsLoveCreator says:

    So true. I took my cape off to allow the super to manifest around me. Feel me. There's only so much a man or woman can do. We do what we can and let the rest unfold or appear. Love you two.

  3. Melody
    Melody says:

    I love it. It is so important to not appear "super" all the time. It gives a false impression. I am a Christian and I occasionally date and when the person I date get to really know me, they realize that I am only human. LOL..I have very high morals and they know that even more when they get closer to me. However, I am open and let them know that I too get tempted. I just don't act on it. They get surprised just by knowing that I have those same desires too. I try not to appear as "Super Woman".

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