I’ve Got Proof My Alcoholic Husband Is Cheating On Me….What Should I Do?

my name is ————. I am not black i am white and my husband is hispanic.  I love your web site and read it every day.  I hope that this is ok.  I have a question if you want you can do a video chat about it.  I have been married to my husband for 11 years together 12 and my husband is an alcholic.  i have 3 girls the 2 oldest are 5  born 12 weeks early dec 26 of 06 and a 15 month old dec 27th 10.  I have always had a rocky marriage and its been hard.  my husband  has had now 4 dui’s and will be serving time for at least 6 years.  his last dui he almost killed him self and the other young man he hit head on.  I make no excuses and i have been going to church and trying to get into some groupd to be a better person.  I want to be married to my husband,.  We got married yound he was 20 and i was 23 and i believe you get married once and try to work everything out.  I had something or better yet a program downloaded into his phone and i can read all his txts.  once i installed the program on the phone got a hit right away and i knew for all the years i was right now im no longer jealous because i read her personal trials but when i ask him he says just friends do i show him the proof i have or do i just file for divorce or how do i bring it out into the light.  He will be serving a sentence of 6 years but out in 3  but his court date for that is in june and hes allready served 8 months so far again.  so what do you recommend that i do?  i thank you for your hard time and dedication.  Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Mika Castro
    Mika Castro says:

    I can relate on this. 2 days ago.. My girlfriend confess that she is falling on someone. A (Lesbian). It hurts me so bad to think that 5 years ago, she also did this to me. I have no choice but to leave her.
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  2. Kellie M.
    Kellie M. says:

    He has proven himself to be careless, selfish, & uncaring with all of this drinking and he has the gall to cheat on top of that! You have upheld your vows and have done all YOU can do. At this point, he has made no effort whatsoever. You have not only yourself, but these children to care for. Get out! He is NOT a role-model of any kind for your kids! Please run!

  3. Dina
    Dina says:

    she needs to get the hell up out that marriage

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