Keep Climbing Your Mountain No Matter How Hard It Gets

At one point or another we all experience some type of bull shit in our relationship.  You know…times when you want to throw up your hands and say “what the hell is going on?”  You could be butting heads over where you live, how many children, how you’re being talked to, sexual inadequacies, drug addiction, unwillingness to get a job, etc. etc. etc.  Yup, unfortunately the list could go on forever…The good news is that the problems you are currently experiencing in your relationship don’t have to go on forever…..that’s all up to you.  Whatever you’re experiencing in your relationship has been placed at your feet for a reason.  The question is….are you gonna STAND UP, or sit down.  Truthfully, I believe you have the ability to climb your mountain no matter how hard it gets.  Just keep moving and eventually you’ll get to the other side.

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  1. Jasper
    Jasper says:

    Thanks for posting this brotha…I'm gonna start climbing TODAY!!!

  2. GoddessHealingWater
    GoddessHealingWater says:

    Thanx brotha! As usual the ancestors speak wisdom through ya'll. Love u & Aiyana. Dwa! Shm htp!

  3. Shaq Shawn
    Shaq Shawn says:

    good vid, you was sweating like a mug, lol.. wish your wife was in this one hiking too, she is hilarious!! you two make a great team!

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