New YOUTUBE Song Defending Lil Wayne & Challenging Little Girls ” Letter To Little Wayne”

VIDEOS: You may have seen the music video by a 9 and 10 year old girl challenging Lil Wayne and the messages and images he sends out in his music. It has almost 200,000 views on YOUTUBE and has gotten a lot of support as would be expected. Who can really disagree with 2 little African American girls who say they’re “representing”? ” Apparently, quite a few people can and have. One such example is a young man whose YOUTUBE channel is called CHASEMILLIONZ. He’s written and recorded a song in defense of Lil Wayne. So, while there are many people who support the little girls’ message….there are also many who are criticizing them for criticizing Lil Wayne. Take a listen to both songs below and let us know what you think. Let’s get some Real Talk going…

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Youtube Video Description: “Letter to Lil Wayne” is a direct statement of justice from Watoto From The Nile. Growing tired and fed up with the constant degredation of Black women inside of Hip Hop music, they voice thier views and opinions on this melodic track. Visit their YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE. A line from their song: “My daddy told me I’m a queen but you call women other things. It makes me mad. I can’t pretend. Don’t call me out my name again.”

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Youtube Video Description:  Lil Wayne is probably too busy to respond so I did. Visit his YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE. A line from this young man’s song: “You point a finger…criticize a man’s art…don’t know what he went through…what experience has shaped his heart.”

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  1. nour
    nour says:

    hi i love your voic and music and clips

  2. hunni
    hunni says:

    I feel that you cant put a mute button on life. whether children hear bad language on the radio, tv, at the grocery store, from their grandmas/grandpas, aunties, uncles, classmates is really not the problem. the REAL problem is your PARENTING if u cant teach your children to know their worth. it's not up to the world to be parents to your children. it's all on YOU. accept responsibility for your OWN children and stop pretenting it's everyone else's fault that you do not have the ability to tell your kids " yes you hear and see all these negative things but that does NOT have to be your reality." have some guts to teach them that the people they run into in life are NOT their role models. if you are spending the time teaching your children then YOU are their role models and they will follow YOUR example not the people they spend 40 hrs a week listening to and watching on tv and radio. stop letting the media babysit, grow up, stop worrying about other GROWN people and focus your attention on your children.

  3. Tsara
    Tsara says:

    I’ll have to say, the video by the young ladies was very eye opening to me. How can we expect to raise up a generation of strong prominent black women, if they are exposed to such demeaning behaviors, especially at such a vulnerable time in their lives. Whats sad about the whole thing is that Lil Wayne is an awesome entertainer. I actually love and respect the way he has mastered his craft. I can’t listen to his music anymore because I am saved, but I can’t deny his talent. If he ever discovers his true self worth and finds a way to exhibit his strenghths without weakening the lineage of his beautiful black sisters and daughters, he will be a true mental giant in the industry. Keep your head up Lil Wayne, but you know they were right.

  4. Onekoolfella
    Onekoolfella says:

    The only thing I agree with from the reply is that we can't just blame lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is the puppet and the corporation/music industry are to blame because they are pulling the strings. Making the masses believe that this is want they want, instead they are force feeding this garbage to us. How many times you hear the same song play over and over on the radio that you can't get it out of your head, worst yet begin to like it, when you first hated it. This doesn't just happen in one town, it goes on all across the U.S. then spread overseas. Record companies pay the radio stations to play this music, they pay people to call radio stations and request this music. There were some artist that use to buy their own music back to boost album sales. It's a terrible business that we're getting the short end of the stick. This rhythmic degenerate behavior under the disguise of art.

    Also Wayne may have had hard times on the come up, but is he living that way now? Nope. When you know better you do better. If he was to change the types of songs he makes would the record industry still support or push his music? Or find another degenerate? Another way to think of it is, if someone is paying you million of dollars to call women B's, H's and whores would you all of a sudden out of the goodness of your heart say no?

    So you say it's just music and one man getting paid. Not true. Everyone else makes money off his degenerate behavior, from the folks who sell similar clothes he wears, to the people who get paid for locking folks up who try to live out the lifestyle this music represents. The young ones suffer the most because they believe this is real and want to be like Wayne, fighting against people who know better and just because folks that know better don't have the money and media. They look bad for exposing this fraud. But the music industry will find another degenerate and we'll hang him to the cross, mean while they are still getting paid and we still suffer the way we do.

    • Jessica
      Jessica says:

      Mane Lil 'Wayne has nothing to do with them Lil kids listening to his music.! Matter of fact who told them to listen to his songs anyway NOBODY so, ii blame the parents just for letting them listen to his music off the radio or Cd's but, everybody listens to rap that has explicit languages in their songs even females talk about men like that so, all of y'all can get back… but ii still agree with what they said but everybody including parents listen or say the words in the lyrics or without the lyrics.#POINT PROVED

  5. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    I'm sorry. Anytime you have the spotlight on you, you need to respect that and understand the responsibility that comes with it. You can talk about "your reality" but you need to have something positive to say to wrap it up. There's NOTHING positive coming from Lil Wayne. NOTHING!!!

  6. TheThinker
    TheThinker says:

    I agree with the guy. Lil Wayne's music is not for children and we all know that some grown up wrote the lyrics and had the little girls do the song for mass appeal. For the record I don't listen to Lil Wayne's music nor do I find it helpful to our community but I am a STRONG advocate of free speech and the need for people to express their realities, joys, hurts, and pains in their own authentic voices. There are millions of people who can't "hear" Lil Wayne's music because of how it's packaged (myself included) but there are millions more who can because he speaks their truth in their voice. And I ain't mad at him for that.

    • ruleyourwife
      ruleyourwife says:

      Part 2
      And as 4 the grown up who U claim wrote the music 4 mass appeal; ok, but as an advocate 4 free speech am I 2 understand that he isn't allowed his avenue 2 mass appeal as Wayne does. Hell am I ignorant & just don't get this free speech thing. I thought Wayne spit his verse freely labeling folks what he chose 2 she spit her verse mirroring Wayne except she called him the B and H word w/o actually using the words. But again, guess I need educating.
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    • ruleyourwife
      ruleyourwife says:

      Part 1

      "STRONG advocate of free speech & the need 4 ppl 2 express their realities, joys, hurts, & pains in their own authentic voices," as per TheThinker.

      So am I 2 understand that the little girl doesn't have the right 2 "free speech?" Am I 2 understand she doesn't have "the need to express her realities, joys, hurt & pain in her authentic voice." Hell I'm confused & I guess this little girl has no truth in her voice.
      "Lil Wayne's music is not 4 children," cool I gotcha. But can u tell that 2 the dude blastin his music loud enough 4 an entire city 2 hear – I mean if its for adults why does the 10 year girl have 2hear when she didn't tune n2 a Lil Wayne channel.

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