PRESS RELEASE: Opens Registration To Fall Online Couples & Singles Relationship Education Classes

B Intentional, LLC, a marriage and relationship education company aimed specifically at impacting African Americans & people of color via original web video content, multi-media platforms and licensed therapeutic professional services, is pleased to announce the opening of registration for their fall online couples & singles classes., the company’s website & blog offers free and paid services in an effort to combat the African American community’s increasingly alarming dysfunctional relationship and divorce rates.

Washington, DC September 14, 2011— For Immediate Release

Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at, co-founders and owners of B Intentional, LLC, officially open the doors to registration for their live interactive online couples and singles classes Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2011. Classes begin the week of October 24, 2011 and last for 4 weeks. The online class titled “Grow where you need to grow to go where you want to go” is the company’s signature course for couples. This class is for couples who are dating, engaged, or married and in a committed relationship. “How to avoid falling for a jerk/jerkette” is also offered for singles. The classes can be accessed anywhere there is a computer and an internet connection. “People come together weekly to share, learn, grow, and elevate themselves & their relationships to the next level. But, instead of fighting traffic, arranging childcare, and wearing themselves out to make it on time—they will sit back, relax, and do it from the comfort of their own home” says co-founder Aiyana Ma’at.

The African American community has the lowest marriage rate in America and the highest out of wedlock childbirth rate. On top of these deeply troubling numbers, the Census Bureau figures released in May 2011 show that while everyone else’s divorce rate went down, Black women between the ages of 50-59 were more likely to divorce. In addition African Americans divorce rate went up to 48% and black women have the highest chance of their first marriage ending within 10 years, at 47%. With statistics like these, it is clear that the work of  B Intentional is a much needed resource in the community. has been in existence since March 2010 and has experienced tremendous growth in record time. The company has been able to take advantage of various social media platforms to get the word out about the work that they do and the unique way in which they do it. B Intentional continues to prove their commitment to transforming the image and quality of relationships in the African-American community and the nation with their newly released classes. “What I love about the Ma’at’s is their ability to use their clinical and professional insight combined with the realness of their own relationship to inspire change in people” says Carolyn Thompson, clinical psychologist and past participant in their couples class. As not only business partners, but also as husband & wife , Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at, know full well the challenges couples are struggling with in this day and age. They are using the continuous advances in technology along with their their growing platform in the online space to transform couples and families one person at a time.

Fall classes are being offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 9pm. Persons interested in learning more about the upcoming classes can visit or contact B Intentional, LLC at 202-599-0234 for more information.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Yayy!!! I can't wait. My relationship is in definite need of a tune up.

  2. Tierra
    Tierra says:

    Doing big things I see. I am so grateful for all the work that you all do.

    • Ayize
      Ayize says:

      Thanks Sis…tryin' to do a li' somethin' …cause the community is in big need.

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