Stop Stewing In Relationship Resentment

By Team BLAM

How long are you gonna stew?  How long are you going to sit in this place of confusion and refuse to move out of this place that you know isn’t serving you?  It isn’t serving you as an individual.  It isn’t serving your growth.  It’s not serving your insight.  It ain’t serving your relationship.  It’s not serving the creator.  How long are you gonna stew?

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  1. Elle Royal
    Elle Royal says:

    some folk know how to stew. some don't. sometimes stewing is needed and sometime it's not. some need it to know not to relate again the way they did the last time. some need to stew to resolve some issues. you have to know how to stew. now on the other hand, you have to be speaking to those who stew into things like depression or sabatoge. I agree, get that behind in the right frame of mind. but be aware team that some of us use the purpose of the stew. sometimes a stew is needed to get wicked……then on the other…… : )
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  2. Alisha
    Alisha says:

    You guys are truly a blessing. I love watching the way you interact.

  3. Chicworkingmom
    Chicworkingmom says:

    So relevant to me right now!!!

  4. Fatima
    Fatima says:

    Needed to hear that today!

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