Join Us Tonight At The Black Love Bond: Dating In DC Panel Discussion

Hey Blam Fam,

We’re really excited about the opportunity to be panelist discussing relationship dynamics with other astute minds at the Black Love Bond event tonight at 7pm EST. We will be sharing the spotlight with Helena Andrews (author of “Bitch Is The New Black”), Neecee Simmons (founder of Wifey N Training), Panama Jackson (co-founder of, and Jamal Muhammad (Host and Creator of The Love Lounge Radio Show).  We’re gonna have a good time yall and we hope to see you there.  SINGLES AND COUPLES ARE WELCOME.  CLICK HERE for more details.


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  1. @KeeKeeAlNatural
    @KeeKeeAlNatural says:

    O-o Lord…..REALLY? I have the same concerns the rest of yall have, WHY IS SHE SO QUICK TO JUMP THE BROOM WITH A STRANGER? Is being with someone more important than common since? I am not trying to judge or bash this woman because people have many reasons why they do the things they do. However, marriage is a serious commitment and is hard enough as it is even with someone you are madly in love with. I wonder have she seen the Oprah series, "Who the heck did I marry?"…..people are crazy out here. I am with Aiyana, she need to STOP PLAYING & START PUSHING! Get the heck out that situation ASAP! She needs therapy to figure out why is she so quick to marry a stranger.

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