The Journey Of Us: How Ayize & Aiyana First Met & Started “Seeing” Each Other

First, I love y’all and your website and what you’re doing.  You are living the hope we all have.

You may have discussed this…but how did y’all meet?  What was your relationship process/path like?  Who pursued who?  When did you “know” that you had met “the one” you were going to spend your life with?

Thank you so much Ayize & Aiyana; thank you for allowing God to use you!  May God continue to bless you, your family, your union.

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  1. moe
    moe says:

    I thought u guys would say that he pursued you its obvious that you guys are in love and that you believe in working contiually on your relation wish you guys more happiness your children are beautiful all the best!!

  2. Antrion
    Antrion says:

    That was beautiful. To see the love and respect that you all have for one another is refreshing. I didnt have the best example of a marriage growing up but praise GOD through prayer HE blessed me and my wife to see 11 yrs together. What you all are doing is really a blessing to alot of people out here. Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS you and your babies.

  3. Terrence
    Terrence says:

    This was a great post y'all. I thought my wife was out of my leauge when I met her too. I was in NC and she was in MD. She asked me for my email address and here we are over a decade later :). God bless you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cbedanceteam08
    cbedanceteam08 says:

    "Babe look back and forth at the camera…" HILARIOUS!!!!!! I love you guys so much and I want my future relationship to be? like yours! I'm not in one right now but i believe I have to do the same amount of work single as I do when im in a relationship to make sure my history doesnt repeat itself 🙂 <3 Your advice is always potent and worth listening to.

  5. Jakki
    Jakki says:

    Awww, Nice…You two are funny~

  6. leo lion704
    leo lion704 says:

    Just wanted to say I ran into you guys by accident this past wknd, subscribed…I LOVE the vids u guys do. I didn't have a positive example of what a marriage should be from my parents so? it's good you all do these vids. Thank you 🙂

  7. Miss Enamina
    Miss Enamina says:

    This totally made my day! ? Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ra Goddess
    Ra Goddess says:

    I love you'll so much ;). I yearn for this type of relationship. My husband and I met as teenagers as well and havn't gotten it right yet. we have 3 living children and even been threw the lost of a child in june 2010. I thought that would have made us much closer but is hasn't. Thanks for giving me hope though, I can look at your vids and feel that there is hope.? THANKS!!! Ma'at is the perfect name for you'll. Peace and love.
    My recent post The Journey Of Us: How Ayize &amp; Aiyana First Met &amp; Started “Seeing” Each Other

  9. Bejewelle88
    Bejewelle88 says:

    Thanks for sharing. You are truly blessed? :0]

  10. Miss Kaneza
    Miss Kaneza says:

    Aaaawwwww i want? thaat!!! Sigh….

  11. mezier 50
    mezier 50 says:

    You two are to cute!?

  12. Snarky
    Snarky says:

    I absolutely love this!!!!

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